When gaming titan Hideo Kojima announced to his family and friends that he wanted a career in video games, they gave him that stern look of disapproval that I’ve seen way too often myself. An economics major at the time, Kojima was a gamer and felt that he could make a fulfilling life for himself in the industry. When those who loved him didn’t believe in him, he turned a dream into a dream job. The rest of the story is well known to fans, and everyone else should look no further than his stellar ‘Metal Gear Solid’ series. And we’ve got the trailer for his upcoming entry ‘Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain’ as well as his tag team effort with crazy filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro: ‘Silent Hills.’ Clickity click!


Metal Gear has always mainly been the story about special forces operative Solid Snake and his lifestyle of thwarting enemy plans. Now and then Raiden, a cyborg ninja, would star, but I personally preferred Snake. The franchise as been around since 1987 and has seen several incarnations. This one is supposed to take place 10 years after ‘Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes’ and Snake’s sporting a new robotic arm. Dig the trailer for the new game.

Interesting open. But ya know, as much as I love sexy women, I’m having a hard time believing that this stealth invader’s bikini top is choice espionage battle gear. The internet obviously disagrees with me because I see images of her cosplay everywhere. Her name is Quiet and her disappearing act is cool. She kinda BAMF’s out like Nightcrawler from the X-Men, minus any obvious teleportation skills. There’s a 25-minute walkthrough to be found here. The jungle setting seems to incorporate a buddy system wherein Snake is able to give her instructions. It’s all beautifully free roaming and rocks some intriguing gameplay concepts, like the balloon suspension feature for downed baddies.

Speaking of cosplay, here’s a good one:

cosplay 1

Here’s a third video, thankfully in English. It’s over 20 minutes of gameplay, featuring Snake riding on horseback through a rocky desert. The wilderness is populated with wildlife and presents the player with interesting choices on how to deal with them. It’s a from a GamesScon 2014 presentation and it looks fantastic. Expect to see ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 upon release.

I’ll refrain from any off-color jokes about ‘Silent Hills’ and Quiet in that ridiculous bikini. Moving on…

It’s presented as a “concept movie” and seems to be all first-person. I definitely felt the gross-out factor that the ‘Silent Hill’ franchise does so effortlessly, but I didn’t feel the fright aspect until the big hand reached out for my grill. Turning around and running, the player is faced with a difficult decision at the end of the hall: go down into the basement depths or deal with what’s attached to that hand crawling in pursuit. Rock meet Hard Place. Because you don’t know what’s waiting downstairs, but it damn sure isn’t a surprise party. Though that would be an incredible twist. Here’s a bit of what Del Toro said about the game to IGN:

“We talked about concepts and tools at [Kijoma’s] headquarters in Tokyo…Then he sent his first version of the playable teaser. I saw it loved it. We then… exchanged ideas and the result was the playable teaser you see now… The concepts we’re discussing, the ideas that we’re discussing and the tools that are in play to create Silent Hills are going to render an incredibly intense and an incredibly scary game.”

I’ve managed to find a particularly talky gameplay walkthrough here. The guy is annoying as hell but the footage is super informative. The game is supposed to star Norman Reedus of ‘The Walking Dead,’ but maybe we’ll just get to see his rendered face in cut-scenes. Because in watching that link, I’m guessing we’re having an entirely first-person experience. Which I dislike very much. I learned years ago with ‘Goldeneye’ that this approach to gaming makes me dizzy and hurts my head. In my opinion, the FP view completely takes away from the ‘Silent Hill‘ feel. I guess I’ll sadly never get to play ‘Silent Hills’ and will have to just stick with ‘Metal Gear.’

cosplay 2

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