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While it’s still not been confirmed one way or the other whether Aquaman will joining the already overflowing cast of super heroes in DC/WB’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there are some new rumors flying around the Internet that address the big screen debut of the King of Atlantis. The first concerns what some believe to be the new look that WB will be giving Aquaman, while the other suggests that Zack Snyder was already paving the way for Aquaman’s appearance back when he made Man of Steel. Read on for the latest unconfirmed speculation.

Rumor 1 – What will the almighty (and often mocked) Aquaman look like? Just because Jason Momoa will be filling his shoes doesn’t mean he has to resemble Khal Drogo, but it does mean they have to make an Aquaman-Momoa sandwich viable. According to Shmoes Know:

…he’s going to look like a surfer essentially with tribal tattoos and all that jazz. Nothing huge and pretty obvious but for those of you wondering…

So we’re going to get a more modern-looking version of the character. I guess that makes sense to a certain degree. I mean, green scaly underpants and shiny orange suits don’t really translate to the big screen all that well. The change is necessary, although, if the rumor is true, one has to wonder at just how far into surfer-land Aquaman’s appearance will go. If he looks like a “dude”, people are going to be more than a little upset.

Rumor 2 – This one is more incidental than anything, though knowing Zack Snyder it’s just as likely to be true as false. According to rambling Internet people, Aquaman already had a cameo in Man of Steel. Well, sort of…

Remember that scene when Superman was floating around with the whales right after he got done having an oil rig collapse on his invincible skull? Well, some are claiming that the whales were actually sent by Aquaman to check things out. Admittedly, it does seem a bit odd that whales would be hanging out anywhere near the spot where an oil rig recently exploded, but it’s just as likely that Snyder merely wanted to portray the other-worldly feeling that comes along with being Superman. It was a very visual scene that put the entire being invincible and able to go wherever you want thing into perspective.

Then again, he might have done it specifically as an Easter egg nod at Aquaman. No one really knows what was going on in the Warner Bros. back rooms and when exactly the men with the money told Snyder that they were looking at doing a Justice League flick or an Aquaman solo movie. Could Snyder have been setting it up “just in case”? The world may never discover the truth to that riddle…

Anyone wanna ask Snyder on Twitter so we can get the confirmation on that?


Source: Shmoes Know

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