Before we get started you should be warned that there might be spoilers in this Game of Thrones post. If you want to steer clear of any potential spoilers from the books that season five will be dealing with then just stop right here.

There’s a new batch of on set photos from HBO‘s Game of Thrones making the Internet rounds today.We get a look at Ayra (Maisie Williams) in Braavos along with some other Game of Thrones characters. The big question this batch raises, is the inclusion of an on-set picture of a bearded Tyrion, (Peter Dinklage).

*Potential Spoilers*Potential Spoilers*Potential Spoilers*

Let’s start with Maisie Williams in Ayra’s Cat of the Canals disguise in Braavos.



The production is still filming at the Sibenik Cathedral location, the scene of Cersei’s upcoming  humiliation during her nude Walk of Shame, but now it’s been turned into Braavos. We see Ayra as she makes her way through the streets of Braavos and it looks like there are more Kings Landing characters in the scene. Meryn Trant, Mace Tyrell, and Tycho Nestoris are on the same set and in one of the pictures below in the same scene as Ayra, leading us to believe they are in Braavos for some reason.





This last picture is the one that might signify a big change in the translation to the small screen from the books.


Now we can’t really tell for sure in the picture, but if this picture is set in Braavos like the others in the batch, than that means that Tyrion is in Braavos and not Pentos. We already saw one dramatic difference at the end of season four when Varys remained on board the ship sailing away from Kingslanding with the crated Tyrion.

We’ve seen the Fame of Thrones production handle groups of characters scattered all over the world, and we’ve seen some brought closer together through the television series minor changes in timing and location.

One of my favorite changes from the books so far was Ayra meeting and serving Tywin for a time. Those scenes were fantastic and it could be that Game of Thrones show-runners want to recapture that magic by bringing Ayra and Tyrion together in Braavos. Remember that Ayra is learning to change her face and character from the Faceless Men, she could easily talk with Tyrion without his knowing who she is.


Back to that Tyrion picture. Tyrion has a full, pretty damn manly beard growing there, and it looks like his hair color has lightened to more blond. Is this just part of his disguise or a result of spending more time in the sun? He’s holding a wine bag so we don’t have to worry that his latest antics has driven him off the wagon.Drunken Tyrion is too much fun.

If Varys and Tyrion are in Braavos, it does open some interesting opportunities. Perhaps Varys has ties to the Faceless Men? Might we see some scenes between Varys and Ayra, or Varys and the Faceless Men’s Kindly Man?

What do you think? Is Tyrion in Braavos?

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