The Power Rangers reboot might have to change its theme song lyrics from GO-GO Power Rangers to Search-Search Power Rangers (For a new director), as word around the Internet watercooler has director Roberto Orci bowing out of the big screen reboot of Saban and Linosgate’s live action Power Rangers reboot. Why’s he dropping out and who might take his place?

Apparently Orci’s shooting and post production schedule for Star Trek 3 due out some time in 2016, won’t allow him any time to devote to the Power Rangers reboot and he’s decided to drop out rather than delay the production.

While Screen writers Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller of X-Men: First Class and Thor are working on the Power Rangers script, Lionsgate and Saban will be back to the drawing board when it comes to a director.

Who do you think should step in to direct? The production aims to modernize the franchise which usually translates to a darker and grittier version of the childhood classic. I’m sure there are a lot of well-known names out there, but will they want to reboot the Power Rangers? One dark horse contender that should be considered is Amy Jo Johnson. That’s right, the Pink Ranger herself from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Lately she’s been directing some well received short films (Lines, Bent) and is looking to make the move to the big screen.

She certainly knows the characters and how they were portrayed in the past. There’s also a lot of free press for Lionsgate and Saban for putting a past cast member, not to mention female director, in the big seat. We’re all expecting some cameos from at least a couple of the actors who appeared in the past series and movies, why not put one in charge of the whole thing?

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