There’s been a lot of movement on the Deadpool movie in the last couple of weeks. After years of waiting, and wanting, Twentieth Century Fox finally announced last week that the “Merc with the Mouth” was not only greenlighted for his own solo adventure, but it’s also got a release date set in just one and a half years time. To what do we owe this sudden interest in a big screen Deadpool? Well, one could point out the test footage that was released this past summer, and the excitement it generated with fans, as the primary cause, but can it really be that simple?  Actually, it can. And Rob Liefeld says it is.

Liefeld created Deadpool during his days drawing and plotting New Mutants and X-Force, so naturally he’s going to be at the forefront of any discussion about the character’s silver screen future (and Liefeld’s been a part of a lot of movie discussions lately). Long story short, when Liefeld was called to the Fox lot to take a meeting about Deadpool, it didn’t take him long to figure out the reason why:

“I had meetings on the Fox lot that following week [after the footage leaked], and that Deadpool footage was all the buzz. It had an impact. You could see it and feel it in the executive suites. It was palatable.

I absolutely believe that the leaked footage served as one of those signature moments when fandom united across all social media platforms and made their voices heard. Can you imagine if the masses had disapproved of the footage? In this ruthless take down culture … it could have been ugly. Fortunately for all involved, it broke on the overwhelmingly positive side. It was a tidal wave of unbridled enthusiasm.”

Indeed, it was a wave that started with fans when the footage was leaked around the time San Diego Comic Con ended in July. It’s not known who leaked the footage, but it quickly became apparent that it was legitimate. Directed by Tim Miller, who was hired many moons ago to make the actual Deadpool movie, and written by Zombieland authors Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who were similarly hired to write the Deadpool movie, the test footage was meant prove that the filmmakers could capture Deadpool’s essence from the comic book page, and the fans agreed that it did.

Liefeld’s quite astute, the reaction could have been ugly. Very, very ugly. The internet’s like that, and Liefeld’s no stranger to the concept of web-based hate, derision and disgust. That may still be coming though. Earlier today, it was noted that the Deadpool movie is aiming for a PG-13, or at least it’s being written to that effect. That’s a decision that’s bound to anger the character’s legion of fans, the ones who seem to have made this movie possible in the first place. No R-rated Deadpool? I believe a shrewd pop culture commentator already spoke to that improbability?

At the very least, we’ll always have the test footage, which the Powers That Be seem to have given up trying to take down from every possible outlet. Will Ryan Reynolds still get first right of refusal to play the role? Can the vim and essence of Deadpool be captured with a PG-13 rating? Is Liefeld suddenly relevant again? All good questions, and if nothing else we should get those answers by February 2016 when Deadpool rolls out in theaters everywhere.

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