DC Comics movie heroes haven’t excited me in a long, long time. ‘Man Of Steel’ was just okay and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ disappointed me something ridiculous. I can’t even say that I’m completely stoked over the upcoming ‘Batman V. Superman’ film, which is basically just a ‘Justice League Lite.’ Sure, there’s potential beyond Afflecting my Batman, but I gotta question the cred of a movie where the Aquaman casting is the top thing that intrigues me. But films be damned, whether they know it or not, DC/Warner Bros. are pulling an Alec Baldwin – finding awesome success on TV when that whole cinematic thing isn’t working out. And there’s seemingly a good reason for their sweet fortune: they know what they’re doing on that small screen. That’s why TV’s Flash is outrunning movie Superman, and his show hasn’t even aired yet.


When he’s not staring intensely into cameras, Executive Producer of ‘The Flash’ Greg Berlanti is prone to the occasional interview. He had a little chat with ComicBook.com. and shared some tidbits on how not to screw up nerd television. And you can’t argue with him. DC has made ‘Arrow’ a thrilling character to follow week after week and they’ve got a stable full of new Fall shows just itching to debut. It’s to the point where everything they pitch gets picked up…on television, that is. And it seems to all start out with the right look:

“You want the characters to be like you read!.. Sometimes I think if you’re doing an origin story and they’re not all the way there — like our suit here isn’t what it’s going to be, and Arrow isn’t Green Arrow yet — in this day and age, especially when [fans] can go to the movies or download a film where the character is in a suit and you’re dealing with the competition — not just against your show, but actually against all the superheroes that are out there in the universe that people can see, that are live action — you want, I think, the most true version of that.

“Even though in TV you can spread it out over a long period — it may not be as realized as it is at the end of the series — we still want enough of it at the outset that it doesn’t feel like, ‘Wait a second, I’m watching a show about Ambush Bug but he doesn’t look like Ambush Bug!’”

And on the novelistic approach to storytelling TV gets to enjoy, as opposed to film having to condense information for a 2-hr runtime…

“Look at Game of Thrones, right? That’s the wonderful thing about television right now is that it can go in all these wonderful directions at the same time and both The Flash and Arrow to me were things I thought, “I would almost enjoy that more in a series because of all the other things I’d want to include, than to have to do nine movies to have that kind of stuff.”

It warms my heart to hear that a show head honcho gives a damn about source material. Because key viewers have given damns since they were kids and desperately need their live action heroes done right. Marvel might tweak a few details here and there (Tony Stark inventing Ultron? Really?) but they tend to not stray so far as to disappoint too many fans. I don’t feel that TV’s Oliver Queen has the kind of everyman Dennis Leary delivery that makes him the “little guy’s” champion, but the creators didn’t screw up the character either. And that’s what’s important. That’s where the Wonder Woman pilot failed, in that it tried to turn Diana Prince into ‘Alley McBeal.’ That’s when you know you’ve really got the wrong assholes in charge. This guy Berlanti could be just as bad, we’ll see. But, for now, he is like my favorite politician – whether he’s lying or not, he’s telling me the lies I want to hear, and therefore gets my vote.

‘The Flash’ premieres Tuesday, October 7th at 8pm on The CW.

Source – ComicBook.com

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