Rob Liefeld and I have an interesting relationship: he has no idea I exist and I have to accept that he invented Deadpool, one of the coolest comic book characters in history. Deadpool grew into something more amazing long after Liefeld moved on. But he still deserves the credit, just as he deserves props for creating Domino and Cable, among others. It hurts me to admit it, but the man has ideas. He just shouldn’t be drawing anything, ever, because he has zero understanding of human anatomy. He’ll draw Captain America with a little head and a massive chest. It also annoys me to admit that he makes great points concerning what rating the Deadpool movie might get. The internet is throwing chairs over the reported PG-13 rating. But there’s hope that we fans might actually get what we want after all.


The Deadpool movie rating is very important to fans and many think that the spirit of the anti-hero’s shenanigans will suffer from any watering down. This has been such a concern that people who get paid lots of money have had to take notice of our petty mewling and address the issue full force. For instance, when Cinema Blend cornered Liefield on it, his words made lots of sense, even though his art never does.

“I’m a firm and practical believer that the studio will make the call on the rating after the film is completed. No one can tell you what the rating on a film will be until after it’s submitted to the ratings board, and haven’t they been all over the place lately. The Expendables 3 felt like an R-rated film to me. Then, when I left and looked at my ticket stub, it was a PG-13 movie. Prometheus was an R-rated film. Why, exactly?

Fox will make the determination as to what they are shooting for, and everyone else will comply. I grew up with blockbuster R-rated films, so that’s always my preference. But I’m also as painful a realist as possible, and there are less and less R-rated action films each year. Bottom line, the studio makes that call. Anyone who thinks that directors and writers control ratings are completely misplacing that responsibility.”

And then he dissed them.

RL 1

To back up the claims of “relax nerds, this thing’s not set in stone,” screenwriter Rhett Reese even chimed in to shut us up. Man, we must be getting on everybody’s nerves about this silly shit.

RL 2I don’t care anymore. What are we really mad about? That he won’t be able to say “fuck” for two hours, like the video game? I mean, the guy is hilariously funny and I’ve laughed at some pretty funny things that weren’t filled with expletives. I’ve laughed harder at R-Rated movies though, so there’s that. And yeah, his level of violence and gunplay are definitely hardcore, but Wolverine taught us that there’s ways around that. But then again…the best horror movies are the ones kids can’t legally get into. Wow, maybe I do still care. A PG-ANYTHING rating would absolutely screw this movie up. Let’s hope Liefeld is right. But he wasn’t right when he did this, so maybe let’s just wait…


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