Life is strange, and people are even stranger. That’s something I often think when stories like this one pop up on the Internet.

Sci-Fi fans will immediately liken this to the infamous three boobed hooker as featured in film Total Recall (and the subsequent reboot) but Jasmine Tridevil (Not her real name), paid $20,000 dollars in plastic surgery fees for a third breast, including a faux nipple. No, you didn’t read that wrong. She scoured the medical community of Florida to find a plastic surgeon who would surgically give her a third breast. The rumor is that she went through over 50 plastic surgeons before she found one willing to do the procedure, as long as she signed a confidentiality agreement and his name remained anonymous. Wanna see how it all turned out?


There’s new information making the Internet rounds today about that mysterious three boobed woman from Florida. TMZ leads the way discovering a Tampa International Airport Police Dept. bag theft report that links Tampa based massage therapist Alisha Hessler, who bears more than just a passing resemblance, to Jasime Tridevil.


Straight from the Police description of the contents of the black nylon bag we have miscellaneous female clothes, three pairs of stiletto heels, paperwork with the owner’s name, and here’s the kicker, one three breast prosthesis. Not a three boob bra, but three boob prosthesis, meaning something that replicates a third boob.

Some further investigation, once her real name was revealed provided a website for her massage business.


Note the About Alesha’s Golden Touch section where it says:
Provider of internet hoax’s since 2014
Specialist in massage for three breasted woman.

Now she is reported to have said she would be on The Jimmy Kimmel Show soon, but this looks to be just another leap into make-believe when one considers her past arrests for Fraudulent Use of Personal Information and an earlier case that dealt with what amounted to filing a false Police report:

In December 2013 Hessler made headlines for an incident in which she claimed she was beaten while on the way home from a club, then offered her attacker the choice of standing on a street corner wearing a dunce cap and holding a sign that read “I beat women” rather than being reported to police and charged with a crime. (Hessler also said “she wanted to have the man who beat her sign a waiver allowing her to beat him for 10 minutes.”) According to local police, Hessler withdrew her complaint and “stopped returning [their] calls” after she was pressed for details of the alleged attack.

With that background I doubt that Jimmy Kimmel would use her for another Internet prank like he did with Worst Twerk Fail Ever video. We’ll probably see more in the next few days as more details on Hessler’s background surface.

She blinded us all with that third nipple.

Original Post:

Here’s her tweet about it:

She’s a 21-year-old massage therapist and wanna be reality star who perhaps hopes this crazy stunt will propel her into her own, or at least a place in some reality television show somewhere. She’s certain to at least get her 10 minutes of fame from this costly surgery.

Here’s another picture from her msvegas15 Instagram account:

Here’s the original and the rebooted Total Recall Three Breasted ladies:

In an interview with Real Radio 104.1 she was asked how her family was taking this change:

My mum ran out of the door. She won’t talk to me. She won’t let my sister talk to me. My dad… he really isn’t happy. He is kind of ashamed of me but he accepted it.

When asked why she did it she said:

I got it because I wanted to make myself unattractive to men. Because I don’t want to date anymore.

Most guys would think [the extra breast is] weird and gross. But I can still feel pretty because if I wore makeup and cute clothes, I can still, you know… feel pretty.

I’ve got to call shenanigans on that answer. If she didn’t want to appear attractive to men this wasn’t the way to go, but if she wanted a ton of quick attention and the chance to be a celebrity or at least an oddity in this celebrity obsessed world of ours, then three breasts is the only way to go.

She posted these videos to youtube:

Is anyone surprised that she lives in Florida? That state is crazy. I imagine she’ll get ten minutes of Youtube fan and then start making the exotic dancing circuit around the country or doing porn cameos. She has a JasmineTridevil.com url listed on her Twitter account, but there’s nothing there yet. Her Facebook page is working and there’s plenty of fun conversations going on there.

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