Scratch-N-Sniff took off back in the 1970’s and had a good run for about a decade or so. It employed microfragrance technology that coated cardboard or stickers. When you scratched a certain spot and smelled it, you tended to pick up the advertised odor. I personally haven’t seen it around lately, but DC Comics is bringing back the concept for Harley Quinn Annual #1, with different scents for four different covers. Leather, suntan lotion, pizza and a “mystery smell.” It’s being packaged as a theme too – for instance, rub the leather on her outfit and you’ll smell the leather. For legal reasons, it’s being promoted as a “Rub-N-Smell” campaign and for some reason, that mystery smell is singled out for U.S. issue only. Can you guess what this smell might be? It’s a real “Brainstorm Haze,” so to speak…


In the story, the smell is referred to as ““cannabisylocibe 7-A.”” Basically, weed. As of press time, there’s no word on which strain of weed, but it could be Holland’s Hope, Afgan Kush, Alien Frog, Sugar Rush, AK-47, Dark Matter, Blue Goo, California Carnage, A-Train, Earwax, Dopium, Pineapple Express, Epsilon Haze, Orange Gorange, Tallahassee Tailgator, Cat Piss or Black Diesel. But those are just guesses. I seriously doubt they’d go so far as to simulate Fireman’s Hole, Big Bud, Def O.G., Allen Wrench, Aloha or Candy Jack. That would just be ridiculous.

IGN spoke with the book writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Here’s a little something something from that interview:

“Palmiotti: Yeah, the basic story is Poison Ivy has been thrown in Arkham Asylum, and Harley gets word that she’s in there and decides that she’s going to break her out. So the smells kind of work within the story. Since we have the whole breakout and why Ivy was brought there in the first place, and then we have a lot of different sequences, the cool thing about the story is that it kind of goes off to little places here and there. Although John Timms is drawing the book — we have a bunch of artists drawing doing different scenes in the book, and it actually makes sense to the story we’re presenting. So like Harley usually is, it’s a very crazy story that makes sense in her head and hopefully to the readers.”

The reasoning for the U.S.-only distribution is because the company is wary of trying to get the smell through customs. Could you imagine the hullabaloo when the drug-sniffing dogs get their noses on all that pot odor? So, instead of going all Cheech & Chong on Canada and our overseas friends, that particular smell is being replaced with one of “freshly cut grass.” No Righteous Brother or Dream Machine for them! Sorry my friends, you’ll have to settle for Lawn Day. And no, that’s not a marijuana strain. But it could be.

I have an idea for a good one. Call it Hot Clown.


Via – IGN

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