Alex Winter Gives the Skinny on ‘Bill & Ted 3’

bill and ted 3

Some may consider it a blasphemy and others may be jumping in their seats with joy, but whatever your opinion on the upcoming third installment of the Bill & Ted franchise, it looks to be moving steadily along toward completion. We already know a few details about what to expect, such as the fact that they won’t be trying to make the 40-something-year-old actors look like they’re teenagers again. Now, Alex Winter has been talking to Yahoo! UK and revealing a few more tidbits. Scroll on for some most excellent information about Bill & Ted 3.

According to Winter:

“[Bill & Ted] will be 40-something and it’s all about Bill and Ted grown up, or not grown up. It’s really sweet and really f*****g funny.”

“But it’s a Bill & Ted movie, that’s what it is. It’s for the fans of Bill & Ted. It fits very neatly in the [series]. It’s not going to feel like a reboot. The conceit is really funny: what if you’re middle-aged, haven’t really grown up and you’re supposed to have saved the world and maybe, just maybe, you kinda haven’t?”

“There’s many versions of ourselves in this movie. [It’s] answering the question: ‘What happened to these guys?’ They’re supposed to have done all this stuff, they weren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree, what happened 20 years later? To answer that question in a comedic way felt rich with possibility.”

Well, as skeptical as I am about a 23-years-later return to the franchise, I do have to admit that Winter’s description sounds like it might be the most viable alternative. Revisiting old glories and trying to hold on to the same gags is what kills sequels in general. If they can revitalize the Bill & Ted franchise by admitting to audiences that everyone is old and tired, this movie just might stand a chance. There’s also the involvement of Dean Parisot, who did Galaxy Quest (which was awesome, no matter what you say), as the director for Bill & Ted 3.

As it turns out, the entire project was supposed to have been unfolding in the shadows. The magic of the Internet, however, brought it out into the open and Winter is a bit upset about it. He was hoping to get all the pre-production stuff out of the way before announcing the sequel so that fans could be excited as they were moving into the official shooting. Oh well, what can you do?

So what do the Nerd Readers think of a third Bill & Ted movie? Do you think there’s anything that can make this work? Or is this a beast that is best left sleeping, lest it piss all over our excellent Bill & Ted memories?


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