For a guy who was considered as getting short-changed in ‘The Avengers,’ Jeremy Renner gets to be as talkative as his costars. Mark Ruffalo wants an “environmentally themed” Hulk film, Chris Evans might/might not quit acting, Robert Downey Jr. hasn’t signed on for ‘Iron Man 4,’ Chris Hemsworth will hang up his hammer after the contract, and everyone but Scarlett Johansson is gunning for a ‘Black Widow’ movie. With less screen time than his pals, Renner’s Hawkeye played the quiet assassin on both teams. And he’s been vocal about his character ever since. From rumors of leaving the franchise, to being disenchanted with his initial role, Renner’s been a Chatty Cathy from jump. And today we hear that he’s gunning for even less screen time for Hawkeye. So to speak.

In a sit-down with MTV, Renner did a lot of talking about his super alter-ego. They touched upon the issue of him sadly ending up playing a different version of the character that he’d signed on for. But, in the end, he did the smart thing and trusted Joss Whedon to do the right thing by him. Renner believes “that character” will be delivered to us via ‘Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron.’ Then, the topic of whether Hawkeye will get his own movie came up. And Renner responded in a way that most actors wouldn’t:

Doesn’t sound like he’s in the biggest hurry to play the character more than he has to. Welcoming the opportunity to drop in and out of other people’s films, if given the chance, Renner’s definitely not gung ho for his own superhero flick. One has to wonder if his plate is just that full. He’s got another ‘Bourne’ film coming up, but I hear Matt Damon might want back in on that. Hey maybe he just wants more time to hang out with his new wife? Or frankly Scarlett, perhaps he just doesn’t give that much of a damn about Hawkeye movies.

I agree with him – Hawkeye’s the definitive supporting player in this cinematic universe. Unless they ship him off to the West Coast to form a new team. There were reports of Captain America trimming the roster at the end of AOU. And Hawkeye does end up leading his own team in the comics. If you were a studio and you signed a guy on for 6 movies, yet only used him twice so far, what would be your plans for his future? If he does ‘Cap3’ and ‘Avengers 3,’ that’s two more appearances left on contract. Where else would he go? ‘Ant-Man 2?’ What for? ‘The Inhumans?’

I’ve said it before. I like making predictions, even when I turn out wrong. ‘West Coast Avengers,’ bitches.

Via – MTV

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