Finally! Some Info On The Fantastic Four Reboot!


No matter how you feel about the Fantastic Four reboot, it’s on its way.  If you already have some preconceived notions, however, the fact is that they are simply based on the actors that have been cast as the superhero quartet rather than any substantial information about the movie itself.  How can I be so certain?  Simple – there has been almost no substantial information regarding the reboot ever since the cast was announced.  Sure, there’s been a possible leaked pic here or there, and writer Simon Ginsberg mentioned that it would be more scientific than its FF predecessors but that’s about it. After months of speculation, we may finally be getting some real details about the project.

The guys over at Schmoes Know claim to have a “very reliable source” who is dropping some key details about the Josh Trank-helmed reboot.  As with any other tidbit that isn’t directly from the studio behind the picture, you may want to take the news with a bit of salt.


First, one of the most polarizing moves that the studio made with the film was recruiting the wonderful Michael B. Jordon, who had worked with Trank on the 2012 superhero found footage flick, Chronicle.  Why was it so polarizing?  Well, Jordon was cast as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch while Kate Mara was cast as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, and the two are siblings in the comics.  In case you aren’t aware, Jordon is African-American while Mara is (gasp!) not.  For many people, it was easy to accept Jordon in the role, simply because he is an absolutely phenomenal actor who has owned every single character he has played. For others, the severe departure from the comic book origins had them outraged.  Well, if Schmoes’ source has it right, it appears that the explanation behind the different ethnicities is simple – Sue Storm will be adopted by Johnny’s parents.  Not a huge stretch of the imagination and if this still bothers you in this day and age, you may have bigger issues than a questionable comic book adaptation on your hands.

The second tidbit that was gathered is that rather than retelling the story that we have already seen on the big screen, the Fantastic Four’s origins will be much closer to the Ultimates version of the team, in which they received their powers through a teleporter malfunction.  In the reboot, the team will get their abilities through a lab experiment that has gone awry, opening a portal to another world (dimension?), and the exposure to this alien place will grant them the abilities that they are so famous for.


Finally, it appears that Trank will be taken a more character driven approach to the story, while the action will take the back seat.  This worked fantastically for Chronicle and hopes are that FF can entice audiences to be just as invested in the characters as they were in Chronicle.  Considering that FF already comes with a built in fan base, this shouldn’t be too tough to accomplish.

Quite honestly, while this is “new” information, none of it is surprising at all.  Rearranging the origin story comes with the reboot territory and shaking things up with a change, such as race, in an integral character isn’t a deal breaker for most.  Really, the most surprising thing about all of this information is the fact that we are receiving it so late in the game.  The movie is set to be released on August 7, 2015, and by now we should have a lot more information than a few mumblings from one news outlet.

Fans were hoping, hell, expecting some sort of presence at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year but instead, 20th Century Fox decided to tease (gyp) fans and let them keep guessing.  Unfortunately, this has backfired on them a bit since the general consensus regarding the SDCC no-show is that the movie isn’t great and the studio knows it.  Of course, these few tidbits aren’t likely to change anyone’s opinion one way or the other quite yet and if you are smart, you may want to reserve judgment until we get at least an official photo from Fox.


In addition to Jordon and Mara, Miles Teller has been tapped to play Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Jamie Bell will be rocking out as Ben Grimm/The Thing, and Toby Kebbell will be taking on the role of the villainous Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom (sidenote – with a name like “Victor Von Doom”, there really wasn’t much hope that he would grow up to be anything but a villain).  So, this is a VERY strong cast and it is already easy to see how this movie has the potential to blow the previous two (three, if you count the 1994 film, which I do) attempts to bring the Fantastic Four to the big screen.  Really, it can’t get any worse than what they did to Silver Surfer.

Are you excited for the reboot or are you worried?  Will this be one you run out to see the moment it’s released?


Source: Schmoes Know

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