Everybody’s got at least one film they can watch over and over again without getting bored. Mine is ‘Back To The Future.’ The concept of time travel has always intrigued me. Making the time machine out of a hot car was just the chilli on the fries. If I had to pinpoint a particular scene in the film that stood out to me the most, I might have to go with the escape sequence back to 1985. But after watching this video, I have come to better appreciate that long crane shot in the open. It perfectly sets you up for what’s in store and tells a lot about two of the most memorable characters in the history of film.

There ya go – not so much a “making of” but just the normal open with voice-over insight. Incredible work seemed to go into what just looked like clocks and a tricky can opener. But now that I know about the guys behind the wall and the special torch heating up the dog food, I’m giving them a pound for ingenuity.

So much magic goes into editing a film that sometimes a director has to show off a little bit just to make sure everyone understands he/she worked on that movie too. This is one of those times. The timing is perfect, all the way past the point where Marty drops the key and kicks his skateboard into the plutonium. That’s the deft touch of good directing. And sometimes a fantastic cinematographer can make a director look good too. They are unsung heroes. But the most unnoticed players in the game are the screenwriters. You have no movie without them, but people forget that. In this case, the pen told us Doc Brown was kind of off-kilter with all these clocks, but quite brilliant in his fancy can opening design. We know he and Marty are friends because Marty knows where to find the key to his home. We know about Marty’s personality from the skateboard and his aptitude for the guitar. And we find out that time is going to be his enemy when he can’t even use it to get to school punctually. We saw all of that setup in the opening scene of ‘Back To The Future,’ leaving the rest of the ride a roller coaster.

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