“I miss when SNL was funny” is a statement you often hear around the water cooler, but not today. SNL and Chris Pratt nailed it last night with this parody that isn’t too far from the truth.

There’s a new group of blockbusters coming down the pipe from Marvel, including Bus People, Fancy Ghosts and Some Shopping Carts.

On the heels of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy being a huge  success, its star Chris Pratt and the SNL cast poked fun Marvel’s seeming invincibility to fail at the box office. The fake ad introduced future Marvel projects coming to the big screen, all based on very thin concepts. Want a movie about four shopping carts?  They’ll turn that into a billion dollar box office bonanza.

Is it wrong that I would rather watch Pam than Ant-Man and Doctor Strange? Oh, and how awkward is it when SNL has better Nova outfits than the movie does?

As an extra special bonus, there was also a sketch last night in which Chris Pratt played He-Man.

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