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After the traumatic events of the ‘Original Sin’ storyline, Male Thor has been rejected by his “best friend” and is having a hard time dealing. He is distraught in the face of forced failure, but somebody has to be a Thor because the power of Thor is Asgard’s greatest weapon. The god’s prized possession Mjolnir sits stubbornly on the surface of the Moon while Male Thor struggles to budge it with everything he’s got. And he gets zero sympathy from his father Odin, who just berates him for being tricked by dark magic. Dumbfounded at not being able to lift the mighty hammer himself, Odin decrees that there simply must be a Thor. Male or female, Thor’s gotta happen. And on the day when the chosen men were deemed unworthy, there came a lady to take up the mantle.

Below are shots from the controversial new comic, ‘Thor 1.’ It begins with my above description, then does all the speaking for itself. It’s the very first appearance of Female Thor. Take a look.


Got it. Somebody whispered a spell or something into Male Thor’s ear and screwed up his worthiness. Then, they disperse because I guess Asgardians aren’t stoked about watching their boy playing the sucker out in space.


Not sure what that’s about, but one of them stayed behind or came back to the scene of the discussion. Did this person feel uber confident? Curious, perhaps? May as well try, right? And apparently, Mjolnir likes the ladies!

And there we have it. Lady Thor lays the hammer down and teaches that goddam Moon who’s the boss around there. Outfitted in new Thor-ish battle gear, her recently acquired awesomeness is enough to make a giant stalagmite’s jaw drop. Whatever happens next, I don’t know. But I’m sure it will make news.

According to series writer Jason Aaron, they’re not planning on divulging the identity of this surprise winner for months and months. But it sounds like he’s got major plans for the book, and he’d better because if the comic sucks, we’re talking about a whole bunch of hubbub for nothing. What bothers me is why does she have to be Thor? Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort said it outright to USA Today that she will be Thor, Thor, Thor.

“”She’s going to be Thor…as powerful and strong as the previous god and embodying the same sort of nobility we think of as being Thor.”

Hell, even the comic will be called ‘Thor.’ And I just don’t get it. Didn’t Odin name his son “Thor?” Nowhere does it say that “his name is ‘Thor’ as long as he holds the hammer. Otherwise, we call him Ralph.” So this mystery woman takes on the name as well as the powers? I hate that. I don’t care one bit about a woman wielding the hammer. Hopefully she will prove herself so great that when it’s inevitably taken back by Ralph, she’ll have centered herself as a mainstay in the Marvel Universe. Give her a new hammer like they did former Mjolnir carrier Beta Ray Bill – who was called Beta Ray Thor at one point, which was also kinda dumb.

These are the things you run into when you inscribe into the hammer’s side “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” It opens up possibilities for cool new characters to temporarily possess his power and fuels debates between nerds about who might be worthy and who may not. It’s fun. And, if done right, this comic could open up doors for incredible new concepts.

Just let Ralph be called Thor and let her have her own cool name. That’s my only issue.

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