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There was a ton of cosplay going on throughout the 20th anniversary of Anime Weekend Atlanta‘s weekend long celebration. It wasn’t just obscure anime characters that only the anime aficionado would know, there was just about every nerdy franchise represented by at least one person if not more. If you want to know more about the convention check out yesterday’s AWA convention wrap up.

One of the more delightful aspects of cosplay this weekend was all the families cosplaying together. The group below Won best Video Game for their Final Fantasy group. It’s great to see the whole family get into the act.

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This pair was another favorite of mine. Little Link was just way too cute and was having a great time running around in costume.

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Then there was this Doctor Who family with the Doctor, little Amy Pond and Rory.

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Let’s get right to the rest of the AWA cosplay that I saw on day one:

Check back, we’ll have even more AWA cosplay over the next couple of days.

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