Although the second season of Heroes of Cosplay redeemed the majority of what was so wrong with the first season, all that artificially amped up drama and confrontation. In fact you’ll see a lot of those same Heroes of Cosplay in Cosplay Boom. The difference? This time you see the side that Heroes of Cosplay basically ignored in that first season, their love of cosplay, what it means to them and the cosplay community.

Cosplay Boom, the brainchild of Director and Cinematographer Todd Kenreck and Producer Megan Sadler, successfully launched and completed $15,000 dollar Kickstarter that funded this wonderful video. Here’s the project description:

Cosplay Boom is a year-long documentary series exploring the art form and subculture known as cosplay. The series will follow cosplayers around the world as they attend conventions, create their stunning costumes and live their lives.

Fans and supporters will be able to watch this new series at CosplayBoom.com and Cosplay Boom’s video channels on YouTube and DailyMotion for free.

Ultimately, we want to deliver to the world a unique and in-depth look at the fascinating, vibrant and beautiful new art form and community called cosplay. But with travel, equipment and production costs, we’re going to need your help. So please, read on!

Parts one and two are combined in the embedded video below:

Well, what did you think about that? It’s a different look at cosplayers than the usual convention music video or what Heroes of Cosplay attempted. So many different people at different skill levels that all share one thing, the love of cosplay.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see more! Go show your support for more over at Cosplay Boom’s Facebook page.

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