I never loved Robin until the updated ‘Teen Titan’ episodes hit air back in the day. He was portrayed as a miniature Batman and a surprise badass. When Nightwing started seeing rare airtime, I couldn’t get enough of him. Lost from my memory was all the mockery I’d hear of Dick Grayson being a joke or Bruce Wayne’s little plaything prancing around the Manor in tights. It would get to the point where I’d defend his character, and subsequently Tim Drake’s Robin also. Brass tacks, I really like these guys, but I’ve grown to appreciate Nightwing even more because he was the Robin I grew up with. So it is with great pleasure that I bring you the release of ‘Nightwing Episode 1: Deathstroke.’


In 2012, Jeremy Le and Danny Shepherd shot and edited a little film called ‘Batman: Nightwing’ in three days. There were no plans for a follow-up film, but when their little opus hit 1 million views on YouTube, there was proof for a demand to see more of the grossly unrepresented hero. So they headed to Kickstarter to begin the popular fad of getting other people to pay for your hobbies. Here’s a snippet from their page:

“After watching the original we promised we wouldn’t make a sequel, unless we could make it look like a huge Hollywood production. And we got our chance. 

A local studio here in Las Vegas, MG Studio has offered to help produce a web series with us focusing on Nightwing and a few other DC Universe characters!

MG Studio has already provided us with a ton of resources to make this new Fan series happen! The only problem is it’s not enough to bring this new vision for a very cinematic and theatrical film to life.

We will primarily be spending the funds on high quality costumes and props as well as being able to gain locations that are otherwise unattainable.”

Nightwing films are being made from crowdfunding here and there, so yes – people want this guy in movies. Needless to say, this project was 100% funded, and then some. In return for giving away money, backers received custom Nightwing t-shirts and concept batarangs. The whole thing was shot on Red Epic cameras, which they bragged as being the same devices used to “film” ‘The Hobbit.’ Sounds pretty ambitious, huh? Let’s take a look and see if that movie you paid for is any good!

I don’t like it.

Thanks for bringing NW to the screen – any screen – but I just don’t think it’s all that. As someone who has directed (shitty) movies himself, let me tell you that it’s hard as hell to do. Their budget for this episode took a dive in renting out that party hall and hiring pro fight coordinators. They must’ve saved quite a bit by shooting the interrogation scene outside and having one of their apartments double as Grayson’s. It’s a poker game you play with yourself and your crew and it all comes together eventually – seemingly by magic. Mad respect to them and just about anyone trying to create something. Anything.

But I don’t like the show. The night lighting was done well enough and the story flowed just fine. We have a revenge plot by Wade Wil…I mean, Deathstroke, and Nightwing wants to slow his gears. Easy to understand. But it was a crapload more violent than I think a Nightwing comic book movie should be. Sure, the realism of it all is that Slade is a merciless killer and the makers definitely showed creative license there. But kids (like the one I used to be) want to see Nightwing on screen too. It was just too deep for any child I know.

What waiters would kung fu fight a murderer with a machine gun?

The acting is kinda bad, but you’re going to get that when working on the cheap. And by cheap, I mean under a few million dollars. Sometimes you get lucky; other times you get what you paid for. I don’t mind the bad actors, but you can’t just not notice them. And I don’t group Nightwing in that bunch. He was fine. Love the suit. I halfway picture Dick Grayson with a more define face but I’m nitpicking there. They got the battle-scarred body right though. Wiry acrobat with enough muscle to break your face in one shot.

I’m on the fence. I give it 3 stars out of 5. The unrealistic blood splatter should’ve dunked it to 2.5, and depicting the worst Wintergreen EVER should’ve killed it. But it’s a hell of a lot better than the garbage I used to shoot, so I’m not gonna diss them too hard. What do you guys think? Ready for Episode 2?

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