The evidence is slim, but we’ll take it. Since the release of everyone’s favorite Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, there’s been rumors and whispers about the making of a fifth Indiana Jones movie. As much as everybody seems to like the idea, there hasn’t been much in the way of progress, which isn’t unusual since there was a 19 year break between the last two Indiana Jones movies. But six years might be good enough this round, and the proof is a stray line in the mini-bio of a noted regular of Steven Spielberg‘s film crew that outlines that his next project is none other than Indiana Jones 5.

The folks at /Film noted the blurb about cinematographer Janusz Kaminski in a Variety article about Advanced Filmmaking, an online course being taught by Kaminski and three other noted directors of photography. It said:

Since then, Kaminski has made more than a dozen films with Steven Spielberg, earning two Oscars along the way. His credits include “Schindler’s List,” “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Diving Bell & the Butterfly.” His next project is the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie.

Whaaaaaaaa? Then I looked and Kaminski’s IMDb page, and yup, Indiana Jones 5 has been added to his list of projects as “announced.” Well that was easy. Of course, if Spielberg were in the process of prepping a new Indy, he would logically recruit Kaminski to shoot it, he’s been cinematographer on every Spielberg joint since Schindler’s List.

So where does this leave the future of the vaunted Indiana Jones franchise? There were other rumors earlier this year about a possible rebooting of the franchise with Bradley Cooper subbing for Harrison Ford as the archeologist/adventurer. There was also a rumor that part of Ford’s deal to return to Star Wars was a promise that he could play Indy again. It seems the more likely that if Spielberg’s back than so to will Ford, but there’s no official word from Indy’s new home at Disney as to whether or not there’s a new movie in the works on their end.

So for now, it’s a mysterious clue with potentially big implications. Incidentally, Spielberg is currently shooting the spy drama St. James Place, but after that who knows, except maybe Variety, what Spielberg might do?

We’ll have more news as it develops.

Source: /Film


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