It’s Television’s latest trend, grab a popular old movie and make it a television show! This time around Enlisted producers Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce are preparing to bring FOX’s Big to the small screen. Am I the only one that thinks this is ironic? The real question is, will it work in today’s social environment?

You remember the 1988 hit starring Tom Hanks in which he makes a wish on a Zolton fortune carnival machine and wakes up the next morning big. It’s a great look at the differences between kids and adults with the commentary being what kids think adults do versus the reality of the situation.

Here’s my problem with the whole concept these days. In fact what better way to help illustrate my point than this Amazon Fire ad.

Kids these days are a lot more in tune with how the world works, no matter what their parents think they don’t know. I just don’t see a kid these days being as naive as Tom Hanks character was in Big, and that is what made that movie work. Translating that to a weekly television show will not be easy. It would be easier to make Freaky Friday into a television show, but it would have the same problem, once that gag is run its course over a few episodes, what’s left to fill up a season, let alone two or three?

What do you think? Can you see this going longer than a half season?

I can just imagine the scene at the FOX conference table as they talk about the show. You know someone is going to say:

Let’s make Big dark and gritty.

That sound you heard when you read that was an angel’s wings falling off. That’s what happens when FOX gets a hold of a beloved childhood memory. Big on Fox will only be one big crap-fest.

Looking at the other movie FOX is bringing to the small screen, Minority Report, I can see something that can be developed into a future crime procedural at least. I imagine it will do about as well as Karl Urban‘s Almost Human though, The main problem there was that FOX didn’t promote it, aired the episodes out-of-order (Just like Firefly), and basically killed the show before it had a chance to attract and keep an audience. Do you see a pattern developing?

NBC is getting into the movie to television show act with Real Genius and Problem Child. Why risk developing something new when you can throw an old success in the blender and serve it to a whole new audience as an updated rehashed smoothie?

Just close your eyes suck on that FOX straw and swallow.

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