This is how Luke Skywalker looks in the new Star Wars

Star Wars Episode VII: Title TBD is still over a year away, but rumor and innuendo and speculation are  speeding by faster than Jabba’s sail barge circling the dune sea. We’ve only been parsed out pieces of  information about the continuing story of Luke, Han, and the former Rebel Alliance, which may or may  not be pieces of misinformation or misdirection. Badass Digest  has released a bit of  info concerning Episode VII that, while it may or not be accurate, does give a glimpse out the Millennium  Falcon’s porthole what we might expect at the beginning of the film beyond the tradition yellow crawl  and John Williams music echoing in the background.


According to BD, during Episode VII’s opening minutes, a “blue alien guy” discovers a lightsaber, the Jedi  and Sith weapon of choice (accept no substitutes!), and brings it to a salvage yard. Actress Daisy Ridley’s  character and her friend, an “old cyborg dude” played by Max Von Sydow (The Exorcist, The Seventh  Seal). While Von Sydow’s character is at first shown to be a babbling mess, he becomes quite coherent  upon seeing the lightsaber, as it is shown he starts ruminating about the “old days” and remarks on  some of the characters depicted in Episodes I-III. Once Ridley’s character and the blue alien leave, Von  Sydow’s cyborg character contacts another “mysterious character” to let him or her know “it’s here.”  (Get all of that? Lots of characters-to-be-named floating around there.)

While the description doesn’t give us much beyond hints and maybes, it does tease the audience about  Von Sydow’s role in the trilogy. Will he be friend or foe? Who is he alerting and why? Whose lightsaber  has the “blue alien dude” found and what is its significance? Is his previous incoherence an act or has  the appearance of the lightsaber genuinely shocked him back into lucidity?


What we can be sure of, however, is that Mark Hamill’s sudden sprouting of facial hair coinciding with  the shooting of Episode VII ain’t a coincidence or a nod that he’s gonna take a trip to Walden pond to  commune with nature. Hamill’s grizzled face and long locks as seen at the Golden Heart Gala on Tuesday  give the once and future Luke Skywalker a more regal, mentor look. If you squint hard enough, you  can see in Hamill’s face shades of Ewan McGregor and Sir Alec Gennis’ Obi-Wan Kenobi. It’s very likely  that Hamill’s appearance is an indication of what Luke’s role will be in relation to the other characters in  the forthcoming trilogy.

It’ll take Jedi-like patience to wait for December 2015 to get here. I’ll be meditating in the Jedi Temple  on these new developments and rumors and get back with you.



We just realized that Mark Hamill is now the age that Sir Alec Guinness was when he was in Star Wars: A New Hope. The timing of this is kinda creepy and mind blowing. Just when Mark Hamill reprises a role from 37 years ago, one he never thought he would play on the big screen again, he reaches the same age as the man who played the same Jedi mentor type role that Hamill will be playing in Star Wars VII.

Does this blow your mind as much as it did ours?


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