Anime Weekend Atlanta Day 2 085 (Copy)

Anime Weekend Atlanta was a ton of fun and had so much great cosplay that it took three posts for Nerd Bastards to capture it all. If you missed the first two galleries you can click Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 to check them out.

There were more than just a few standouts throughout Saturday and Sunday. This Kingdom Hearts cosplay was incredible. The details, her attitude, everything screamed perfection.

Animr Weekend Atlanta Day 3 033 (Copy)

These Crochet Daft Punks were a lot of fun. I wish I had taken a picture of the back, because they even had all the different colored wires worked into those helmets.

Anime Weekend Atlanta Day 2 079 (Copy)

This mother daughter Belle cosplay was a big hit. Right after I took this picture the little girl squealed and ran straight at another cosplayer in full Elsa costume and glombed onto her crying that she was her favorite character. I wasn’t quick enough to capture that, but I did get a much more calmed little Belle and Elsa picture that is in the gallery below.

Anime Weekend Atlanta Day 2 039 (Copy)

This pair of Gotham’s prettiest homicidal maniacs were ready for the annual Gotham Ball.

Anime Weekend Atlanta Day 2 110 (Copy)

This Link, besides being cute as a button, also played an Ocarina, check out the video below:

Anime Weekend Atlanta Day 2 006 (Copy)

Here’s the rest, which is your favorite?

I’m already looking forward to next year. If you’re close to the Atlanta area or even if you have to fly in, Anime Weekend Atlanta is a great convention with lots to do over the weekend. Mark your calender and make it a point to be there in 2015!

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