It was only a matter of time really, Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) quickly became a fan favorite character moving from a recurring role to series regular in the blink of an eye. We saw another Arrow created character, body-guard and crime fighting partner John Diggle (David Ramsey), make the jump backwards into comic book continuity, now it’s Felicity’s turn.

Green Arrow #35 came out this week with Arrow showrunner Andrew Kreisberg and writer Ben Sokolowski taking the comic book reins. Is it any wonder that this issue featured an enlarged role for Diggle and revealed a surprise for the last panel:


There might be one or two of you that know way too much about obscure comic book characters thinking to yourself that:

“Hey, there was already a Felicity Smoak in Firestorm.”


If you think she sounds like an annoying person from the panel above then you’d be dead center bullseye. The old Smoak, before the big DC 52 changes was the step mother of Ronnine Raymond (I know another comic book character name that has the same first letter in names, what is the deal with comic book writers and that thing?). Ronnie was the teenage half that along with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Martin Stein would combine to create Firestorm. Smoak then was just comic relief for the comic book. Once 52 took place I guess the name was just up for grabs. I certainly would have a hard time seeing this as an homage to what was basically a horrible comic book character that made no lasting impression.

Now, the big question that a lot of Arrow fans will be asking:

If “Olicity” isn’t happening in the television show, could it happen in the comic book world?

What do you think about this move from the television show to the comic book panel, and more importantly can anyone from the Arrow television show make the jump forward into the big screen?

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