Once again the Internet is alive with rumors concerning the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII – Revenge of the Ewoks. This time around, if the rumormill is right, this could be a giant event in the Star Wars mythos. Unfortunately, the rumor is also a massive spoiler, so if you don’t want to risk your Episode VII virginity, then you’d probably better go do something else right now. If not, then scroll on and discover the possibly big news about how the new Star Wars flick is going to pan out.


The rumor comes to us from a site called Making Star Wars. According to them, the big baddie in Episode VII is not who we think. So far it’s been rumored that the Sith Inquisitors would be taking the lead. Now, MSW has a different idea. By piecing together some sort of mysterious and undescribed information, they’ve formed a picture. The first piece of the puzzle is a photo that Indie Revolver claims to have seen that shows the main baddie. MSW says they have some many “pieces” of various images. What these pieces are, they’re not saying. But according to them, they’ve seen:

– …a human male, with a mask obscuring part of his face, with one red eye and a familiar cloak we haven’t seen since Return of the Jedi.

– …this cloaked figure holding the helmet of Darth Vader. The helmet is warped as it has been burned in a fire. The figure almost looks at the helmet with remorse and regret. The background in this image is an Imperial Star Destroyer. The monster holds the helmet in his left hand while his right hand is shown to be very similar to Anakin Skywalker’s and perhaps Luke Skywalker’s.

– The second concept is similar but he’s holding another burned Vader helmet that is destroyed in a different way, most just kind of flaking and breaking at the top.

– A picture believed to be from the middle of the film shows a mountainous snow planet (not Hoth okay?). “Kira” holds her blue laser sword behind her as if she is trying to run. With her back to the cyborg, he has his fingers in the classic “Darth Vader” force pinch posture and is perhaps pulling her laser sword out of her hand. Behind him, her companion attempts to get up, probably to sneak attack the cyborg.

– The black figure sits on a throne. He’s cloaked. We see him from the side. His boots are not unlike Anakin Skywalker’s from Revenge of the Sith. He is approached by “Kira.” The light from outside the shrine emanates from the door way and she walks through it. The cloaked figure sits in darkness, a natural red/yellow fiery light behind him, almost like amber backlights the figure.

And the conclusion they’ve come to from all this information is that the actual big nasty bad guy is… Luke Skywalker!

This would indeed be an interesting development for the movie, though possibly a redundant one. We’ve already seen the rise and fall of Anakin/Darth Vader, so why do the same sort of thing with Luke? Another possibility is that he becomes corrupted while trying to take out some Sith enemies or what-not and then someone has to save his ass from the Dark Side. Either way, if the rumors are even half-true then Vader’s helmet might be making some sort of appearance.

Of course, there’s no word on what exactly they’ve seen or where they saw it, so all this is just a bunch of word-of-mouth thus far. Worse yet, it has about as much validity as something that someone made up while drunk and high at a party. If you want to check it out further, I recommend heading over to the MSW website and seeing if you can decipher what they’re trying to say. Me, I’ll wait for the film, thank you very much.

Find the truth out for yourself when Star Wars: Episode VII releases on December 18th of next year.


Source: Making Star Wars

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