Hollywood is always in a state of flux and nothing is guaranteed until the contract ink dries. (Some times not even then) So when word swept the Internet that Joaquin Phoenix was in the late stage of talks to take on Marvel‘s Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, many of us thought that he’d be a great casting choice, but now Marvel’s going to have to scratch Phoenix’s name of their Doctor Strange list.

We can only hope that another actor with Phoenix’s talent and weight on the big screen lands the role. Ethan Hawke is said to be the latest actor Marvel is courting for Doctor Strange that includes the reported likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Jared Leto, and Tom Hardy.

Doctor Strange would have been quite the departure from Phoenix’s usual roles and would have required a multi-picture deal. Some where along the way the talks must have hit a snag, and I would hazard a guess that it was more likely the amount of films Marvel wants the actor who takes on Doctor Strange to commit to.

Scott Derrickson (Sinister, Deliver Us From Evil) has been tapped to direct and that indicates that the film will have a darker tone and horror quality. I felt that Phoenix’s quirkiness would be a good fit for Strange while many thought he might be too quirky.

Is your first pick still in the hunt? Who would you pick to handle all the Earth’s mystical problems?

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