Star and Producers Offer BTS Look at ‘Constantine’


With two episode of Gotham down, and the premiere of The Flash running at us next week, the Autumn of DC Comics’ content continues as we look ahead to Constantine. The new series based on the long-time Vertigo favorite premieres later this month on NBC, looking to capitalize not just on the popularity of comic book characters, but an audience eager for more supernatural and fantasy storytelling. All things considered, Constantine should probably have an easier time on TV as it lends itself to a procedural format, and various demons and beasties are easier to replicate on TV than, say, a man running really fast, but is the audience ready to believe in John Constantine? Perhaps this video will persuade you…

Via NBC, you can check out this behind the scenes look at Constantine, which includes commentary from star Matt Ryan, show developer Daniel Cerone and executive producer David S. Goyer. Check it out:

I’ve said it before, but having seen the pilot I really like Ryan as Constantine, and I think the concept for the TV show is pretty solid, and despite the behind the scenes upheaval, including the replacement of the show’s leading lady, the question is whether or not the execution of the show passes muster. The pilot was okay, but can Goyer and Cerone pull a rabbit out of their hat? I guess we’ll find out.

Constantine is based on the 30-plus year running comic book Hellblazer, and follows the adventures of John Constantine, an exorcist, con man and master of the dark arts who – sometimes reluctantly – saves the world from various demons, dark sorcerers and mad men looking to bring hell – either literal or figurative – to the Earth. He was also the subject of a somewhat successful 2005 starring Keanu Reeves as the titular character.

Constantine premieres on NBC on October 24.

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