Aubrey Plaza’s web images put me in the mind of that ‘Quirky Girls’ skit from SNL. There’s also a lot of sexy pics too, and I thank her for that. After about ten minutes of searching, it became obvious to me that I need to start watching ‘Parks And Recreation.’ It seems upon seeing the movie superhero success of her co-star Chris Pratt, she decided earlier this year she’d like to play Catwoman, saying to Total Film, “I just think it’s the ultimate female role. You get to be a woman, but you also (can) destroy people, and you use all your female energy for evil.” I never pictured Catwoman as “evil” but party on. Not sure if that backhanded pitch went anywhere, but she’s at it again. However, she’s set her sights on a much stronger target this time.


Crack attorney Jennifer Walters was going to die if she didn’t get a blood transfusion from her nearest relative. Enter that relative, Bruce Banner aka The Hulk. As the photo makes evident, Bruce’s radioactive blood changed her into the feminine behemoth She-Hulk. And Aubrey Plaza told SciFiNow that she wants to play this character in a Marvel movie. Or any hyper-strong heroine, for that matter.

“She-Hulk? Oh my god, I would love to be She-Hulk. Because I had super-strength? Yes, I want to be She-Hulk. Write that movie and I’ll do it. I would love to be any kind of superhero or person with super-strength.”

We’ve seen this before. An actress gets wind of a female hero nobody’s attempted bringing to the screen and aggressively hints at their interest. Sean Young did it with Catwoman back in the 90’s and it blew up in her face. So, if you’re gonna lobby for a role, may as well do it like Plaza here – just kinda toss it out there and keep it moving.

Bringing S.H. to the screen is tricky business. At the risk of not beating a dead horse about She-Hulk’s overt sexiness and bouts of promiscuity, let’s talk about the casting. The character almost never changes back to her more “human-looking” form, preferring the green muscle mass over the mousey lily whiteness. So, we’re talking about an all CGI effort here, unless they switch the script into flipmode and have her transform at will. It would save money on effects by giving “human” Walters more screen time, but it wouldn’t be true to the character. And since Marvel’s announced the end of their origin stories beginning with Doctor Strange, we wouldn’t see a first hour telling of Jennifer Walters’ beginnings.

Bottom line is, it doesn’t physically matter who they cast in the role because that person will never wear green makeup. This character is like…6’7 or something. In an idealistic world, you’d need two actresses: big and small. You’d want a tall actress with generous muscle tone, not Gal Gadot. It doesn’t rain those women in Hollywood, so stop talking about how Lucy Lawless could do it justice. But let’s just say that, with a little ‘Lord Of The Rings’ trickery, they could make her size increase feasible…


Then Aubrey Plaza’s a fine choice. I say this because she’s funny. Powered by John Byrne’s engine, She-Hulk had a light-hearted wit that appealed to fans, and that’s how I remember her best. Her book was fun and Deadpool can thank her for making it cool to break the fourth wall. When it came time to bust heads, she did it without Hulk’s insanity, and was effective without being overly muscular. That means Plaza wouldn’t have to live in the gym, but I’d personally appreciate some weight training.

But none of this is going to happen. She-Hulk will be one of the last characters we see on screen. What do you guys think?

Via – Sci Fi Now


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