There was a lot of controversy over the upcoming Cersei (Lena Headey) nude scene in George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones season 5. Things got so hot that the local church denied the production the rights to film the scene on church property. Then HBO was able to work out a deal and the scene was back on. Those that have read the book know what I’m talking about, but those you relying on the HBO show to give you all the details should stop right here. Consider yourself spoiler warned.

**Spoiler Warning**

Now that we’ve left those worried about spoilers back on the front page, the scene we’re talking about is Cersei’s nude walk of shame, the only way she can prove her contriteness to the church and try to regain her life after charges of immorality are brought against her. Before you wonder, those charges did include sleeping with her brother, but Cersei managed to talk her way around those, convincing the High Septon that those were just lies made up by Stannis in order to gain the Iron Throne.

Now some of you that are Lena Headey fans are probably wondering what the big deal is, she’s done nude scenes for film before (300). The big worry was that the scene would not appear in the series when it is so crucial to the character and her story.

Another interesting side of this story is that TMZ is now reporting that HBO spent upwards of $50.000 dollars a day, for four days of shooting to keep it under wraps.

According to our GoT spies … more than 200 security guards were hired to protect the set while shooting the “Walk of Shame” scene — where Lena’s character Cersei walks stark naked out of a church and through town. We’re told the 4-day shoot in Croatia got so pricey because of the added crew — and producers having to pay local shop owners to shut down and leave the area.

Cell phones were banned on set so photos wouldn’t get leaked (oops!) — and everyone signed confidentiality agreements that threatened $250,000 lawsuits for violators.

That’s a lot of money to spend on security only to have pictures come out anyways.While TMZ posted these pictures:

Which seem to want you to believe that security was tight. With a little search though we found that Perez Hilton posted some pictures and we’ve got them for you here.

Doesn’t look like much, but then you see this photo:


Where you can see Headey disrobing for the shoot. Notice that her back has what looks like mud splatters and blood where those watching her Walk of Shame have pelted her with rocks, mud, and what more likely horse feces. Her hair has been cut as well and I expect we’ll see a powerful scene with the nuns cutting off her hair in preparation for her Walk of Shame or Penance Walk.

Now TMZ reported that only four key crew members were there for the unveiling, but you can see there’s way more than that present in the picture above.

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