Jeffrey Tambor Still Game for ‘Hellboy 3’


Hellboy II: The Golden Army came out in 2008, and six years later it’s still not even a 50 per cent certainty that we may ever see a Hellboy 3. Six years between sequels isn’t a big number, there have been literally decades between entries in other movie series, but with two movies that had lukewarm receptions at the box office, and a never ending pile of projects on director Guillermo del Toro‘s plate, it seems increasingly unlikely that Hellboy 3 is going to become a reality. So is all hope lost? Maybe not, because while Hellboy star Ron Perlman remains the biggest cheerleader for more HB, other actors from the cast are letting it be known that they’re ready, willing an able.

One such actor is Jeffrey Tambor, who played FBI boss Todd Manning in the first two Hellboy films. On The Colbert Report, while talking about his critically-acclaimed turn on the Amazon series Transparent in which Tambor plays a middle-aged man who starts to live his life as a woman, the actor briefly mentioned Hellboy 3. “There is actually talk of a Hellboy 3,” Tambor said, “but they better hurry or I’m going to be in a walker.”

Zombie Manning? Bet he’d still be a pain in the @$$, or maybe he means walker like what old people use to get around. While Manning seems like more of a scooter kind of guy, the upside of the walker is that he could wave it around to threaten you with it.

Of course, a couple of stray words from Tambor is not a guarantee of a studio greenlight. The two Hellboy movies have been made by two different studios, and it was thought that the success of Pan’s Labyrinth might have bolstered the fortunes of The Golden Army and make it a smash success, which didn’t happen. Unfortunately, although the films themselves seen to be getting better with each new installment, this seems like a matter of money, and Hellboy just not make enough of it to justify a third film. Of course, I’m the guy that bet against a PG-13 Deadpool so whatever…

The entire first season of Transparent is online now at Amazon Prime.

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