There are moments on the Internet where you throw out a wish and someone, somewhere, hears that wish and makes it come true. As I write this I am having one of those wonderful moments. Like a lot of you, I’m totally on board for a Karl Urban Dredd sequel. The problem being that even with all the dedicated fans efforts that made A Day to Dredd movement a success the last two years, the Dredd sequel is still sitting on a shelf in Hollywood limbo. Dredd executive producer Adi Shankar wants that sequel just as bad as the rest of us and while he’s been unable to get the sequel into production, he does want to thank all the fans for their support by creating a free Dredd web-mini-series that focuses on what this Dredd fan thinks are the coolest Dredd villains ever, the Dark Judges.

Alex Garland, the man who wrote the Dredd script has already commented on what he wanted in the sequel and guess what? He wanted the Dark Judges too. This all leads to Shankar’s announcement yesterday that he’s been working on a secret Dredd project for the last two years that will join his Bootleg Universe series of shorts that includes a Punisher short Dirty Laundry and a Venom short Truth in Journalism. Both of those are embedded below if you haven’t seen them yet.

The Dark Judges web series shorts will be released later this month, most likely just before Halloween. Now this series is not officially connected to Dredd, just like Dirty Laundry starring Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman and Truth in Jounalism starring Ryan Kwanten as Eddie Brock aren’t connected with Marvel. Think of them as very polished and professional fan films.

We can expect seven parts in this miniseries and as yet it is unclear if all will arrive at the same time or if they will come out one a day or one a week until the series wraps up.

Shankar recently posted a “Thank you” video to all the Dredd fans doing what they can to support a Dredd Sequel. Whatever you think about Shankar, you’ve got to admit he is passionate about making a Dredd sequel.

The Dark Judges would make a fantastic sequel for Karl Urban’s Dredd. Perhaps this mini series can spur studio executives to get a sequel rolling, much like the Deadpool test footage did for Deadpool. If you haven’t read the Dark Judges story arc then you should click on over to Amazon and pick one up.


Even better, go down to your local brick and mortar comic book store and pick it up there. Here’s some information straight from the Villains Wiki:

The Dark Judges are a group of extra-dimensional Judges from the Judge Dredd universe and are mass-murdering undead abominations that see life itself as a crime, since only the living can commit crime – going by this twisted logic the Dark Judges must mercilessly pursue all beings guilty of the crime of living and put them to death.

Judge Death is the leader of the group and arguably the most powerful of the Dark Judges – once an ordinary Judge he became obsessed with sin and became convinced that only the living could commit crime and thus declared life a crime.

Judge Fire is immersed in flame, but otherwise his uniform resembles that of Death. He has a human skull for a head and wields a flame-spewing trident. As a human, he was an undercover Judge named Fuego who had infiltrated a resistance group, which he eventually led to the newly-created Judge Death to become his first kills. He earned the name Judge Fire when he was human, for burning a school down for breaking noise regulations at playtime.

Judge Fear is an imposing figure with a black, iron helm obscuring his face, which he will open before his victims to frighten them to death with whatever lies within, often saying “gaze into the face of Fear!”. Judge Dredd, however, was able to resist long enough to punch Fear through the head, replying “gaze into the fist of Dredd!” (it is worth noting that Dredd however is far from an ordinary human – capable of taking immense physical and psychological damage that would cripple or kill an ordinary human). The actual face under the helmet has only been seen once, as a mass of eyeballs – although no explanation was given whether it was his actual face, or a representation of Fear’s manifestation of the person watching’s greatest terror. Fear has an assortment of bear traps dangling from his belt, and is known to throw them at his enemies in order to immobilize them; it also holds an enormous padlock which he uses to secure his victims’ potential exit routes. He wears a thick robe with ornamental bear traps on the shoulders. His belt buckle is a shrunken head.

Judge Mortis is in a perpetual state of disintegration, and his touch causes his victims to decay extremely rapidly. Like Fire and Fear, he spent his early years as a trainee Judge at Law School, Deadworld’s equivalent to Mega-City One’s Academy of Law, and graduated after Judge Death. He quickly developed an admiration for Sidney’s methods and beliefs and became one of his three lieutenants, sharing his comrade’s zeal for passing arbitrary death sentences. He is sometimes employed by Judge Death to prepare the Dark Judges’ host bodies. Mortis’s head is a sheep skull and he has a bony tail. His uniform’s right shoulder is a bird skeleton, and his left shoulder is protected by a perforated mantle. His badge is a stylized horse skull, with his name emblazoned in wood.

If you’re wondering what a Dredd miniseries featuring the Dark Judges might look like, here’s the two other parts of Shankar’s Bootleg Universe:

Punisher: Dirty Laundry:

Truth in Journalism:

The high level of quality of both of those shorts makes me very excited to see what Shankar has worked up for the Dark Judges. Who knows, we might even see Karl Urban put on the helmet once more in the series. Shankar got Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman for the Punisher short so it wouldn’t surprise me if Urban popped in to help make this miniseries memorable and perhaps spark interest in those that make the money decisions about the sequel.

What do you think, will we ever get a Dredd sequel and will a popular web series be enough to tip the scales in the sequels favor?

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