In a coup for 10-year-old me, it looks like ABC is looking to adapt the 1989 comedy hit Uncle Buck as a new multi-camera sitcom for debut sometime next season. This is part of an interesting trend lately of movie hits of the past becoming TV shows in the present, and it runs through various genres and time periods. Perhaps bolstered by the success of FX’s Fargo, and to a lesser extent Hannibal and About a Boy, there have been series or pilots ordered for shows based on 12 Monkeys, Big, and mostly recently, Rush Hour. (There was also talk of a Say Anything series, but Cameron Crowe put the kibosh on that). Perhaps TV shows based on movies will be the 2015/16 Tv season variation on comic book series. Good thing that ABC snapped up the rights to Uncle Buck early then…

Uncle Buck was released in later summer 1989 and starred the late great John Candy as the boorish, uncouth uncle of two precocious kids and their surly teenage sister who looks after them when their parents are forced to go out of town for a family emergency. The movie was written and directed by John Hughes (yes, that John Hughes) and is also notable for featuring the breakthough performance of Macaulay Culkin.

According to Deadline, the format for Uncle Buck will be a traditionalhalf-hour, multi-camera sitcom meaning it will be more like The Big Bang Theory and less like The OfficeWill Packer (Think Like a Man, About Last Night) will serve as executive producer, while Brian Bradley and Steven Cragg (MADtv) are writing the script. But wait, you might be saying, didn’t they already try and make an Uncle Buck TV show? You are correct. Starring Kevin Meaney (no relation to Colm “Chief O’Brien” Meaney), the first Uncle Buck series aired on CBS for one single season in 1990. And congratulations, you just won Final Jeopardy!

This seems kind of like an odd property to expolit. I mean, I understand why they made it in 1990, family sitcoms were popular and the movie was a recent (albeit modest) box office success. What’s the appeal of Uncle Buck now? Not sure, but one of the things I do know as a sophisticated adult and movie connoisseur is that the success of Uncle Buck leaned quite heavily on the chemistry of that specific cast, and the comedic timing of Hughes. Of course, this may get past the pilot phase, like Eddie Murphy‘s Beverly Hills Cop the Next Generation series, and end up going no further. So this entire conversation may be moot.

In the meantime, if you’ve never seen the original Uncle Buck, please enjoy this signature scene.

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