Michael Keaton was never my first pick for the role of Batman, but I was so happy to see my favorite hero on movie screens that I got over it. It was the forehead. And the distinctive voice. And he’s only 5’10. I kept it moving, drank the Kool-Aid, and thoroughly enjoyed myself during both his runs as one half of the ‘World’s Finest.’ A couple decades or so later, he’d trade in his cape for feathers in his newest flick ‘Birdman.’ In promoting the film, Keaton sat down with EW and shared his views on the Christopher Nolan Batman films and whether or not ‘Batfleck’ was a good idea.


Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s ‘Birdman’ tells the story of Hollywood actor Riggan Thompson and his disillusionment with the industry. Famous for playing a big screen superhero, he would walk away from it all, but the character continued to haunt him. It’s a superhero movie without the superhero, as crime-fighting takes the backseat to drama. According to his interview, whatever methods Keaton used to dig into the role had nothing to do with his former casting as Batman. In fact, it sounds like he doesn’t give a damn about Batman. And definitely not the recent depictions.

“Chris Nolan is great, but I’ve never seen any of the Batman movies all the way through. I know they’re good. I just have zero interest in those kinds of movies. I mean, people are asking me, ‘Is Ben Affleck going to be any good?’ And my attitude is, First of all, why would you ask me? Second, he’s probably going to be very good, and third, frankly, it’s all set up now so that you’re weirdly kind of safe. Once you get in those suits, they really know what to do with you. It was hard then; it ain’t that hard now.”

That’ll teach us to naturally assume that just because an actor played an iconic role, said actor doesn’t obsess over the character for the rest of his life. It’s not as if he played Wolverine for 15 years like Hugh Jackman. Keaton’s all like, “Yeah I did a couple of those movies back in the day.” He couldn’t care less about our nerdy bullcrap – he just wants to do his job and find another one. That’s acting. We’re the ones who make a big deal out of these things. And Michael Keaton just gave zero fucks.

Interesting how hey says making hero flicks are easier on the actors than it used to be. He might be right about that. Today’s Batman can at least turn his head.

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