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One night I was flipping channels and landed on a movie called ‘Putney Swope.’ It was directed by a little-known Hollywood player named Robert Downey Sr. Before that, it had never dawned on me to even Google who RDS was. I’m sure at the time, he was respected for his work and mild contributions to the industry. Kinda like Howard Stark. Sure, Stark’s known as being a brilliant industrialist who made bank and held fun expos, but his son Tony? Now, there’s a man of outrageous accomplishments. Robert Downey Jr. is indeed Tony Stark – in spirit, comparative achievements, and in how his career overshadowed his dad’s. Keep going for interesting bits of news concerning our resident actor, billionaire, playboy philanthropist, and all-around cool guy.


Now it seems that Robert Downey Jr. is sending mixed messages when it comes to Iron Man 4. Last night while appearing on The David Letterman Show Downey responded to Dave’s question:

There’s no plans for an Iron Man 4. There’s no script for Iron Man 4, but they do have a plan and I think they’re going to announce it…they’ve very secretive about it.

When Letterman pressed Downey about Iron Man 4 Downey went on: 

Just between us, no, but I’m going to do other stuff with Marvel. I’m still going to be involved with Marvel and there’s gonna be plenty of fun stuff to happen.

Here’s the video:

So it looks like there’s more afoot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe planning than just another Iron Man movie. We all knew that, but I’d have to say that 99% of us expected to see another stand alone Iron Man movie. What could this news mean? Perhaps Iron Man in another Marvel characters movie as more than just a cameo, but a strong supporting role. One story line that comes instantly to mind is the Civil War story line pitting Tony Stark/Iron man against Captain America.


What do you think? Tony has also made a comic book appearance with the Guardians of the Galaxy, so that is also a possibility.


Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel are still in talks to further his involvement with the Marvel Universe he helped put on the Cinematic map and a move like this to share Tony Stark across multiple movie platforms that don’t include another stand alone Iron Man movie. That would be fine with me and allow Marvel to continue to build the Marvel Cinematic Universe while holding on to one of the major players that helped build it.

What so you think about this possible move?



We’ve got a couple things to cover here, so let’s get right to it. Always in demand, Mr. Downey Jr. hooked up with Reddit today for an AMA Interview. He plugged his new film and didn’t particularly sidestep anybody’s questions. Some of his answers were facsimiles of “anything’s possible,” like when asked if he’d do an ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ episode. He replied that he loved Clark Gregg and was happy to see the show doing well and such an appearance would involve a lot of red tape, but what he means is “green paper.” And I don’t blame him. He’s a top tier Hollywood actor and kinda the face of the MCU, so slumming down into the small screen, even for just an hour, is a hell of a lot to ask for. Samuel L. Jackson has done it, and would do it again, because there aren’t many appearances he won’t do for cash. I remember he did like 29 movies one year back in the 90’s. Hell, he’s doing credit card commercials now.

Don’t expect to see him on the show. He’s mad cool and basically did that ‘The Incredible Hulk’ cameo for free, because he’s that kinda guy. But even the awesome have their limits. Plus, Marvel has so much more money now than they did before, it’s ridiculous. He’d do the show if they paid up. That’s why I say he’s not doing the show. And speaking of money…


Let’s talk about ‘Iron Man 4’ and whether or not it will happen. My guess is that, yes it will happen. Do we need it? No, we don’t. Would I hate on it if we got one? Hell no, bring it. I don’t feel like it’s integral to the current story being told across the Marvel films, but if done right, it could fix a couple fanboy heartaches. For instance, a real Mandarin throwdown would be a total crowd-pleaser. As would an appearance by the amazing Trevor Slattery.

But forget what I have to say. RDJ gave the world a concrete answer right on that chair across from Ellen DeGeneres.

Let’s not act surprised, by the way. IM3 made over a billion dollars. Marvel wants another billion, easy.

And before you guys start asking how it would be possible to make an IM4 when all of his armors are destroyed, come on. He’s Tony Stark – he’s somewhere making suits right now! He truly believes that his inventions are special, and like an addict, he will make more and more and more. We already know that ‘Avengers 2’ is coming out – of course he’s got armor. But my question is, how’s the movie gonna make that billion with Mel Gibson directing it?!


“Wait, where the hell’s my glove??”

Mel’s a good director. ‘Braveheart’ was pretty good, ‘The Passion Of The Christ’ drilled holes in my brain, and I enjoyed ‘Apocalypto’ way more than I thought I would. And I’ve always enjoyed his work in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ series and in the role of Mad Max. But that dude really hurt himself. I heard an old saying once: “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Yeah, well tell that to O.J. Simpson and Mel Gibson!

But despite Gibson’s near career-ending trials, he and RDJ are friends and always have been. Recently, when asked if he’d be interested in doing another Iron Man movie, Downey replied saying he would if Mel Gibson were allowed to direct it. But, during his Reddit interview, he halfway backtracked on that story and claimed that “It was an offhanded remark to a journalist and friend…I have other projects in mind for Mel and I – sooner than later the Marvel Roster will be made public and all questions will be answered.”  That’s what I figured. He’s a fun guy and was just playing around. He’d go further, and joke on Twitter about how Gibson turned the movie down. Hell, here he is saying the same thing about Howard Stern.

So, what do you guys think? Ready for Iron Man 4? What does he mean by “the Marvel roster?” What would you like to see from a new IM film? A Pepper/Tony engagement? A new character introduced? Two villains instead of one? Who’d be a good director for such a film? Sound off!

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