I was just getting around to seeing ‘The Flash’ premiere last night. DVR’s are the coolest damn things on the planet right now. There’s no way I can keep up with everything just flipping channels and configuring my life around what times what shows come on. I loved the episode and, with a few tweaks, it will transcend its already “winner” status. One thing they’re doing right with the update, as opposed to the original series, is casting other superpowered beings. That’s nothing new – ‘Smallville’ did it a lot. But it’s still a major ingredient in the recipe for winning. So is nepotism. That’s how Robbie Arnell, cousin of ‘Arrow’s’ Stephen Arnell, got cast as one half of Firestorm. Now we have the other half, and he had to win the role on merit alone.

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The first time I remember seeing Victor Garber, he was blaming himself for crashing the Titanic. But I don’t seem to see him much. I liked his character in that movie, but I guess the films I watch don’t feature him in a ton of roles. But he’s always a welcome addition to any cast, and in this case, he’ll play Martin Stein in ‘The Flash.’ He’ll play a brilliant, but arrogant scientist who sacrifices everything dear to him for the sake of his work. And then, Firestorm was born. We shouldn’t see him until the 12th episode of the season, but I’m sure Barry Allen and the gang will keep us entertained until then.

Especially Iris West. God, how hot is she??

I was a Marvel fanatic growing up, but I collected a few Firestorm books. Mostly, I remember Dr. Stein constantly talking shit to Ronnie Raymond, the guy who shared his duel identity as Firestorm. Ronnie was a high school kid and the physical form was his. Physicist Stein was in his head, yelling at him like my dad used to do when I broke curfew. OMG the last thing I need is a self-loathing ship crasher always punching me in the brain. Poor Ronnie…


Works for me! You guys like this casting?

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