You might have seen the 8th grade Star Wars math problem above floating around the Internet the last week or so. A proud nerdy dad that goes by Bob S. sent it in to ToplessRobot saying:

My son’s homework was to make an algebraic expression into a word problem…this is the end result with zero input from me.

What Star Wars lovin’ dad wouldn’t be proud of all the Star Wars details put into that math problem. I imagine he teared up like a proud Rancor trainer whose Rancor just feasted on its first victim thrown into the pit by Jabba. It could have ended there, one proud poppa and some amused readers. but as things on the Internet have a tendency to do, this math problem made its way to the one man upon whose shoulders rests the hopes and dreams of Star Wars fans everywhere. That’s right, this Star Wars Word problem made it all the way to J.J. Abrams‘ desk. What did he do with it?

Well, he went ahead and solved the damn thing! Then he wrote a nice note, created a new math problem of his own and used his Hollywood powers to track down the Star Wars Math problem creating kid to give him his proper due.




That is the coolest thing. Imagine Cody’s surprise when that note from J.J Abrams showed up. That is one cool collectible remembrance. For those of you cynics out there I’ve already checked and it isn’t “already on Ebay.”

Nice move Abrams, I wonder what Zack Snyder is going do to top it? Provide bat symbol shaped tater tots to the lunchroom, maybe have Henry Cavill fly around the planet so fast that the kids will have time to study for that pop quiz?

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