Whatever you want to call Stan “The Man” Lee—innovator, genius, shameless self-promoter—there’s one word I think everyone could agree on to describe the co-creator of Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and scores of other characters: Prolific. After conquering the American superhero comic book world in both print and film, Stan has set his eyes on yet another country to make his superhero mark: India. That’s right, Stan Lee is tackling the India Cinescape with his superhero, Chakra the Invincible.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chakra, Lee’s first Indian comic book character he created back in 2011, is in development for the silver screen in a joint effort between Lee’s POW! Entertainment and Graphic India, an Indian character entertainment company. Lee and representatives from both POW! And Graphic India met with some leading Bollywood directors in an effort to figure out if Chakra can make the transition from his comic book pages to the movies.

In the original Chakra comic book stories, Raju Rai is a tech-savvy Indian teenager living in Mumbai who wants to be able to tap into the full potential of humanity’s powers. To that end, he creates a suit that allows him access to his mystical Chakras that grant him new-found abilities. For those who may not know your Indian philosophy, a Chakra is one of seven spiritual centers of the human body.

This isn’t the first time Chakra has popped to life, free from his four-color confines. Last year, a series for Cartoon Network India was launched that featured the character. The version of Chakra that will appear in the film, however, will be a grown-up version of the superhero.

Click the Screen cap below to watch the teaser trailer for the Cartoon Network India show:


Lee, in his normal showmanship fashion for the dramatic, declined to say which of Bollywood’s directors had been reached out to for the project, but did have this to say:

We’ve set up some great meetings already with some of the most amazingly talented actors and directors in Indian cinema and I have no doubt that these individuals will help make the Chakra film a massive hit in India and around the globe.

Although I only have a passing familiarity with Bollywood films, I had the opportunity to see a few during my time overseas in Fiji. If the fun I experienced watching those movies is combined with the production value that Lee and company seem to want to funnel into this project, then sign me up.

Chakra the Invincible is set to go into production by late 2015 or early 2016.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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