Have a not-so-stellar week? Want to blow off steam, but you’re unsure that either Gone Girl or Left Behind is the movie for you? Then strap in, kids, because we’ve got the cure for when you’re down in the dumps with the Dark Side of the Force. Filmmaker Casey Pugh has the cure to pull you out of your Sarlaac pit of despair and put a Jabba-sized smile on your face with The Empire Strikes Back Uncut!

As with his previous outing in Star Wars Uncut, which earned him a well-deserved Emmy, Pugh has created a shot-for-shot version of Empire, relying on crowd-sourcing to create a recreation of the film that is part animated, part live action, and totally, surprisingly engaging. Using 480 of 1,500 entries submitted by fans, Pugh and his team are able to tell a cohesive story that will have you alternating between laughing uproariously and marveling at the ingenuity and creativity of Star Wars fans.

Seriously, I promise, this will be the best part of your week. And if you haven’t checked it out already, watch Star Wars Uncut before watching Empire, which has already earned praised from the folks over at Lucasfilm. They’re both free and they’ll make you happier than that one time you destroyed the Death Star.

[Source: io9]

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