Smack dab between two very successful Con appearances as ‘guy who lingers at the long boxes too long‘, the boys are back with their contractually obligated attempt at a solid hour of pop-culture news and other strangeness. This week Jeremy and Jason tackle:

–Everything you do at comic conventions is cool and we support you continuing to do it.

Robert Downey Jr.‘s battle versus facts and why, Spider-Man, why?

–Turn down for Robin Hood.

–Is Marvel meddling to make Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot tank? Have they axed the next X-Men? Did J. Jonah Jameson write these headlines?

 Scott Snyder saves us from the fear of the five dollar comic book.

–Those DC Comics licensed T-shirt, ya those ones.

Saturday morning cartoons are dead. LONG LIVE SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS!

And then in #TacoTalk this week, the beauty of a Batman Burger and the Justice League of fast food and then something else that I forgot already… Listen damn it and get me pictures of that damn wall crawler!

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