I haven’t been to a Comic Con in decades, so I think I’m about due. It would have been amazing to go to New York City’s this year, but I was busy being 600 miles away. Lots of things are supposed to happen that I’d love to have seen. Like the Daredevil panel. Plus, there are always awesome announcements. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d found out who’s playing Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daniel Rand for Marvel’s Netflix productions. Maybe we’d get some goods about Doctor Strange. Or, more importantly, see the teaser for ‘Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron.’ Because, according to Bleeding Cool, somebody has seen it and has shared his impression with the rest of us.


I just read on Screen Crush that another Marvel TV special was on the way. Hosted by Emily Van Camp, the hour-long piece is slated to air on November 4th at 9pm. It’s called ‘Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop!’ Remember how the previous special ‘Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe’ showed us some concept art for the blockbuster sequel? Crush is predicting that the official trailer will be attached to this new program celebrating 75 years of Marvel awesomeness. Or, you could just go to NYCC14 like so many of us can’t, and see the damn thing early. Take Wonder World Comics’ Dennis Barger Jr. of Detroit. He saw the trailer at a Marvel retailer’s meeting at the convention. The lucky bastard gives us a little breakdown of what eye-candy we might get next month:

“Yeah…. Wow, the trailer has an amazing scene with the whole cast relaxing in their down time that strikes me as something Brian Bendis would have written. Then in crashes Ultron and the second you hear Spader’s voice you realize this movie is going to be amazing. Scarlet witch and Quicksilver look cool, and everyone cheered the second the Hulk Buster Iron Man suited up. The trailer has everything it needed to lock this down as the movie to see in 2015.”

Should’ve been better. Not really happy with that description. “Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver look cool…” No dude, they look like stupid douchebags, duh. Of course they look cool! And, Avengers down time? Hulk Buster armor? You mean stuff from the scenes we’ve been talking about for months here and here? Okay then.


Look out for the Marvel special. We might see the trailer then, or sooner.

Via – Bleeding Cool

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