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Back in March, The SyFy Channel expressed a desire to produce more traditional science fiction television shows. This quote from president Dave Howe implies a response to fan reaction: “We want to be the best science-fiction channel that we possibly can, and in some respects, that means going back to the more traditional sci-fi/fantasy that fans often say they feel we’ve exited…” To The Hollywood Reporter, that translated as more ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ “Less ‘Sharknado.'” The communicator chirped and the Oscar-winning screenwriting team of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck answered with an idea. It doesn’t sound a thing like ‘Battlestar,’ but it’s definitely sci-fi. Does Hollywood’s dynamic duo have another hit in the making?


The team’s Pearl Street Films and CBS Television Studios will combine to produce ‘Incorporated,’ an espionage thriller. It will tell the story of one man’s efforts to fight against a society where corporations have unlimited power. The pilot will have a list of industry vets on the bridge:

David and Alex Pastor – writers (Selfless, The Last Days)

Ted Humphrey – Showrunner (The Good Wife)

Maggie Chernin – Associate Producer (Gulfstream Pictures)

Damon, Affleck and Jennifer Todd – Executive Producers

SyFy seems to have a plan that’s working. ‘Helix’ did pretty well and was renewed for a 2nd season. I’ve watched ‘Z Nation’ a few times and can’t help but compare it to ‘The Walking Dead,’ which blew my mind last night. ‘Z’ is not the best show, but it’s the epitome of mindless fun, and I’m fine with a little of that now and then. Plus, it’s a great excuse to just sit and stare at Pisay Pao sweating for an hour. Other new dramas I’m not familiar with, but have potential are ‘Dominion,’ ‘Ascension,’ ‘Olympus,’ and ’12 Monkeys.’ Then, of course, there’s WWE Smackdown, which certainly doesn’t mesh with that return to traditional sci-fi roots Howe bragged about, but I don’t care. Wrestling is awesome.

Who’s in? Do we still trust these guys to deliver the goods beyond all things ‘Project Greenlight?’ Is the premise of the show “sci-fi” enough? Comment below!

Via – THR


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