With ‘True Blood’ having met its maker, somebody thinks we need hot vampires on TV again, and ‘The Strain’ just won’t do that. And when I say hot, I just mean normal-looking, unlike those freaks in Guillermo del Toro’s madhouse opus. Throw in a few werewolves (hopefully they won’t be represented as just big dogs) and screw it, might as well just adapt ‘Underworld’ to the small screen. But then, someone somewhere else is thinking, “Know what television needs? More zombies.” Cast a female ass-kicker because they’re the hot topic these days, and BAM! Might as well just adapt ‘Resident Evil’ to the small screen too! However these projects came about, I’d love to have eavesdropped during the meetings that assumed series stars Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich would be on board. Aren’t they?


Neither series has anything to do with the other, but they shine in their similarities. Both star ladies of epic bravery and combat skill, and both touch on the supernatural element of horror. It kind of ends there, but anyone down with either franchise already gets the gist.

Both franchises have had varied levels of success, depending on the movie. I loved ‘Underworld,’ but some of the ‘Resident Evil’s’ downright pissed me off with their stupidity. But Constantin Films thinks they can do better on television. Seems like they think they can own TV really, because they’ve got a slew of boob tube projects on deck, including ‘Shades Of Guilt,’ and an adaptation of the book series ‘The Mortal Instruments.’ ‘Resident Evil’ will tag along in that group after the company wraps on their feature ‘Perfume.’ Variety asked them about these developments and their board chairman Martin Moszkowicz sounded very confident:

“We are increasing our TV activities substantially both in Germany and internationally…Constantin has a lot of feature film brands and we are moving them into television. For instance, we own the rights to the book series ‘The Mortal Instruments,’ and we just hired a showrunner in Los Angeles, and our offices in Los Angeles and Canada are starting production next year on at least two or three international shows…”

I, however, am not so confident. In their hands, the film version of the popular video game only half-assed tried to emulate the source material. Casting Milla Jovovich in some made up role of Alice instead of gaming stalwart Jill Valentine was an obvious misstep. I liked Jovovich, but damn…are you making a video game movie or not? On top of that, I never felt the same tone or suspense that the video game so effortlessly provided. I called out sick from work for two days playing that game. I had nightmares about zombies trying to kill me. That’s a serious impression. By contrast, the movies were woefully disappointing.


The sixth film is presently in development and there’s no word on whether Jovovich will play a part in the TV series. Now, about that ‘Underworld’ show…


In this flick series, Beckinsale’s Selene is a vampire Death Dealer with a vendetta against the Lycans. The subsequent sequels would deal with the history of vampires and werewolves, their hate for one another, and mankind’s efforts to eradicate both. It was awesomely gothic and shot with blacks and blues intermingling throughout the gorgeous cinematography. Obviously I’m far more into ‘Underworld’ than I am ‘Resident Evil.’ If the planned television project can even come close to what’s going on in the films, I think it’s worth giving it a shot. Especially if they can get Beckinsale. Her husband and director Len Wiseman already said she was up for it in this video interview:

He also mentioned plans for another film, possibly ‘Underworld: Next Generation,’ so there’s that. But don’t hold your breath for any of this stuff because “in development” could take years.

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