Late last week Variety posted some details about Billy Crystal‘s new project Which Witch with a tiny blurb towards the end that said the Jim Henson Company was also working on a Labyrinth sequel. The Internet blew up as the Internet tends to do with these type of stories. Hell, we were pretty damn excited to see that news too. Over the weekend Entertainment Weekly reached out tho their sources and got a different story.

Here’s what Entertainment Weekly had to say about a Labyrinth sequel:

Fan sites went a little wild on Friday when they stumbled upon a bit of news that The Jim Henson Company was working on a sequel to Labyrinth, the bizarre, beloved 1986 fantasy starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie. But, sources tell EW that’s not the full truth. While they are working on a Fraggle Rock movie and a Dark Crystal sequel, as the Variety article stated, there are currently no plans to reboot, revive, or make a sequel to Labyrinth. It’s one of those legacy titles that is floated at most meetings, but, sadly, nothing is actually in development at the moment.

Now before you put us up against the wall to be shot for reporting the initial sequel news, once again, buried at the end of that Entertainment Weekly post, was this little nugget:

The Jim Henson Company had no comment.

Excuse me for a minute while I go all conspiracy theory on this whole Labyrinth sequel news. Could it be that the Labyrinth sequel news was not supposed to be talked about in the first place? Perhaps the Jim Henson Company is hoping that unnamed sources can squelch the accidental leak? Why no comment from the Jim Henson Company? One quick returned phone call from CEO Lisa Henson, daughter of Jim Henson, would put it to rest just like that.  Isn’t it more likely that they would not comment because there IS a sequel in the works and their not ready to talk about it? Let’s go even further and wonder if the Henson Company and a certain rock star are in talks about a certain movie role….

I can go all day on this really, but let’s leave those thoughts there and move on.

It could also be that, due to the Internet’s incredible (positive and negative) reactions to Variety’s post that included a Labyrinth sequel, the Jim Henson Company might pull a Deadpool Movie Move. They may be sitting around the boardroom table right this minute working out how to quickly get a Labyrinth sequel into production.

We reached out to Toby Froud, the guy who played that famous baby all those years ago and got this response:

His parents were very creatively involved in Labyrinth and have to have some involvement in a sequel. As you can see above, Toby, who has recently done work with Henson’s other daughter Heather:

Lessons Learned, about a young boy who falls into his grandfather’s “lessons learned” box and is whisked away to a fantasy land, has its world premiere Saturday afternoon at the Hollywood Theatre with two other films that Heather’s company, Handmade Puppet Dreams, funded.

So now we sit, wondering if some new nugget might slip through the Internet cracks to point us in the right direction when it comes to a Labyrinth sequel. Personally, I would say don’t hold your breath, but do send a tweet, or a FB comment to the Henson Company and let them know how you feel about a Labyrinth sequel. We’ll probably see one of those petitions pop up soon. Perhaps together, we can pull another Deadpool Movie move and get a Labyrinth sequel.

Via: Entertainment Weekly

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