New York Comic Con has come and gone and all that is left is to do is reflect on the show and look at the splendid cosplay and all the toys that were out in full force at the convention. For the third year in a row, I was asked to go to the convention and report back on what I saw. Below, you will find my take on the crowds, the cosplay, the celebs, the floor and the creepers at New York Comic Con. 

1. Though it’s been building for years, it really felt like New York Comic Con took that last step toward establishing itself as an equal with San Diego Comic Con this year with 150,000 attendees and several splashy panels and big name guests. The concept of New York Super Week also allowed Reed to expand the footprint of the convention beyond the Jacob Javitz Center.

2. With that many attendees, you would have expected the floor to feel overly congested, but Thursday and Friday weren’t as bad as I thought that they would be and I heard Sunday was downright pleasurable. Saturdays are always going to be a bit insane, but from what I heard, Reed did a good job booking enough “Must See” programming to ease the strain on the show floor enough to not make it intolerable. With that said, I worry every year that the individual experience is going to suffer as the convention keeps growing. I was pleasantly surprised by this year, but I’m worried about next year when things inevitably get even crazier and even busier.

3. Speaking of the strain, though, it would be so much better if autograph signings were purged from the show floor. With that said, it will never happen since it’s a big way for exhibitors to get people to their booths at certain times. Just a bit annoying when you run into a wall of people while trying to shop.

The show floor on Thursday afternoon.

The show floor on Thursday afternoon.

4. Here’s another annoyance. While there was ample “Cosplay is not Consent” signage with the show’s conduct policy prominently displayed, one could still observe plenty of leering, stealthy cellphone buttpic taking and lane clogging as cosplayers (and in one disappointing incidence, booth babes) held court with drooling fans.

I’m a heterosexual male person with eyeballs but I really don’t understand why other fellows absolutely lose their minds when an attractive woman is in their general vicinity. You can see how uncomfortable their behavior can make the objects of their “affection” and the families who have to walk by as guys get graphic while discussing cosplayers.

Outside of artist’s alley, there was a fenced off area where people were smoking this year. Maybe next year they can put up a cage with humping posts so that these guys can get it out of their system and act like gentlemen on the show floor.

5.  You don’t need an autograph ticket to spot celebrities. On Friday, over the span of 5 minutes, I walked by Walt Flanagan and Mike from Comic Book Men outside the Javitz Center and took a picture with DMC by the entrance to the show. This is my first celebrity selfie, and my last. It felt like such a weird and vapid thing to ask for.

6. Star-Lord cosplay is the worst. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but sans mask, these people just look like they’re wearing a cool burgundy leather jacket.

Artist's Alley on Friday afternoon

Artist’s Alley on Friday afternoon

7. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there was a lot less Walking Dead cosplay than in years prior. I’m not saying that the show’s popularity is waning, it’s just an interesting thing that I noticed. It also looks like a lot of effort and a bit of a burden to walk around dressed up in full zombie costume and the show really doesn’t have a lot of instantly recognizable looks at this point now that everyone is dressed in survival chic, save for Daryl and Michonne. I did see a few Rick Grimes sheriff costumes, but that’s a bit dated now.

I also don’t think that I saw one Peter Capaldi Doctor. I saw a good amount of Game of Thrones and a ton of the usual DC and Marvel. Our Cosplay gallery will be up shortly.

8. While everything else seemed to be on-par with San Diego, the toy exclusives for this convention were somewhat disappointing.

9. Save for that giant Smaug, there seemed to be less ornate floor displays this year.

Stay tuned for our cosplay gallery and our toy gallery tomorrow. 

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