I admit it, Dana Scully of ‘The X-Files’ was a direct influence toward my learning to love brainy women. I wasn’t above chasing hot airheads either, but there was something about those long soliloquies of scientific technobabble in every episode. The X-Files actually made a huge impression on me, beyond star Gillian Anderson’s silver-tongued sexy talk. And while her partner David Duchovny moved on to fornicate in California, Anderson paid homage to her science fiction roots through the written word. She’s co-authored a novel with Jeff Rovin called ‘A Vision Of Fire’ and took to a Reddit Ask Me Anything to promote it. Then she talked just about everything else.


Anderson’s RedditAMA was a spin of subject attacks, from chicken nuggets to skin moisturizers to her abysmal hair in the first two seasons of ‘The X-Files.’  But the biggest thing everybody’s talking about on the interwebs is her bid to be cast in the new ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot. Apparently now planned with an all-female cast (because as I said yesterday, female ass-kickers are the “in” thing now. go ladies), Anderson thinks she’s funny enough to tackle spooks with positron colliders. If anyone in the Q&A reacted to that negatively, it was probably Ernie Hudson.

“OH MY GOD, I just looked it up online. Paul Feig, cast me now! Start a Twitter petition! I’m free!!!!! I’m free, I’m free and I’m funny, goddammit! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!”

Not sure if she’s available for such a commitment, but at least she’s enthusiastic. She’ll just have to clear up her data planner a bit because she’s a busy woman. Come on Gillian, free up that schedule, hon…

I’ve gotten to know the name Paul Feig a lot since becoming a writer for Bastards. He’ll write and direct the often mocked project, and his announcement for overhauling the entire approach to ghostbusting set the web on fire awhile ago. And there are a few vague memories of Dana Scully making me giggle, but she was mostly the “straight man” to Fox Mulder’s conspiracy theory insanity. But I’d never call her “funny.” But at least she’s at home with dealing with paranormal activity, so I think it would be a hoot to see her carrying a proton pack. ‘Ghostbusters’ needs a straight man…er, woman too. Speaking of ‘The X-Files,’ when a Redditor asked if there were any plans for another X-film with Duchovny, she hemmed and hawed.

“Uh….uh… uh… Sorta kinda. Keep your ears to the ground.” 

Yeah right. That was my ex-wife’s response when I asked her if she was divorcing me. I feel afraid…


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