What I know about Magic: The Gathering could fit snugly inside the hairs on a fly’s back. I know even less about having lots of money. But there’s a lucky geek somewhere who now knows about both. The proof is in a YouTube upload called “Alpha Starter MTG Magic the Gathering Opened for 5000 subs Giveaway.” Sidenote: You’re a badass if you can eat 5000 subs. From the video, I can make out rubber gloves, some gaming cards and a scalpel. This guy’s either a doctor who’s doing it wrong or a nerd who takes his collecting very seriously. It’s a great video of a guy who records his deck opening and goes ballistic when he finds the absolute rarest of cards. Doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan, the beauty is that it could’ve been any one of us scoring on that dweeby thing we like.

Before selling them, I once had a monstrous collection of 8000 comic books – some of them Golden Age. I had original Star Wars figures and accessories, first run action figures, G1 Transformers toys, and a bunch of cool baseball cards. My favorite of that lot is Derek Jeter’s minor league rookie piece. He-Man and G.I. Joe’s out the yin-yang! I bet I could score some good coin from that stretch Hulk toy I busted open when I was 8 years old, too. I remember all the Atari and Colecovision video games I played – all the time I took trying to self-teach code on my Commodore Vic20 (which you can see my child-self playing on in my Twitter avatar.) This video floods so many memories of my geek history.

But all I really want to do is tap into my high school jock side and beat this fat bastard up for his $25,000.

Pure freakin’ luck. But good for him. The deck he just opened was from Magic’s first run and that alone goes for 6 grand. The Alpha Black Lotus card in mint condition can go for up to $27,000, and that Tropical Island that he mentions as an afterthought can net about $2500. The highest graded Lotus is listed here at $125,000. Wow…

Look at his hands shake! To hell with lottery tickets – I’m going to the comic book shop. With only 1,100 of those bastards made in 1993, I’m loving my odds!

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