It wasn’t the biggest comic book movie news from San Diego Comic Con, but the news that Painkiller Jane was going to be made into a movie by Jen and Sylvia Soska (AKA: The Twisted Twins) was an intriguing development for fans of the Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada created comic. You see, there have been two half-hearted attempts to bring the comic book to life, and neither of them were very well-received by either fans or the general audience. The Soskas hope to change that though, and they aim to do it by embracing the things that made the comic enjoyable in the first place. That begins, in a sense, with the letter R.

The story of Painkiller Jane is about a police woman named Jane Vasko who gets the ability to heal from nearly any type of injury; whether it’s a minor cut, a gun shot wound, a chemical burn or a shot gun blast to the face, Jane always bounces back. The downside though is that she feels every injury no matter how severe, hence her nickname. Essentially, Jane is a female Dirty Harry with Wolverine’s powers, and if you think that calls for a PG-13 rated film, then you don’t know the Twisted Twins.

“I’m not working for Marvel,” Jen Soska said in an interview with CraveOnline. “It has to be an R-rated character. When you come to a character like Jane, she drinks, she fights, she f**ks, she talks like you and I talk, and that’s an important part of her character. That’s why we’d be really disappointed if that ended up being a PG or a PG-13 film because if you look at the character… Kids are reading this kind of content. I mean, when I was a kid I was reading The Punisher. So Jane has to be true to the character and it’s got to be an R. We can’t tone it down or we’d tone Jane out of the entire script.”

Schooled! And the film has no where to go but up after two failed adaptations: a Sci-Fi original movie aired in 2005, and a one and done season of a TV series that aired on Sci-Fi in 2006/07. “And this is the third shot, they kept watering her down, watering her down, watering her down,” said Sylvia Soska. “Jen and I are not going to let that happen, and Jimmy Palmiotti – who is also one of the producers – he’s not going to let that happen. There are some scenes in this movie, there’s no way they’re not going to slap us with an R. Once you see it, it’s going to just be batsh*t crazy.”

Would that include a scene that the sisters have mentioned before where “Jane’s not wearing anything but bullets flying all around her?” Likely, but just as important to the Soska Sisters is the lack of female-led superhero movies, and Sylvia says that she thinks Jane will be the first because Elektra and Catwoman are not “real movies.” Not sure Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. respectively would see it that way, they have the red ledgers to prove that those movies are real, but female superheroes are primed for a breakthrough. But can Painkiller Jane be that breakthrough?

If you don’t know the Soska Sisters, check out their 2013 body mod horror American Mary. It’s weird, and scary, and funny, and has a great starring performance by Katharine Isabelle (Hannibal and Ginger Snaps). Maybe because of that experience, the Soska Sisters have a Jane already in mind for the part (hint, hint). In the meantime, you can check out the filmmakers’ contribution to the second edition of The ABCs of Death. They did ‘T’ for “Torture Porn.”

We’ll have more information about Painkiller Jane as it comes in.

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