Today started off as a relatively slow news day. And then the ship hit an iceberg and all of a sudden a bunch of rich people started screaming. They’re being extra vocal about the superhero movies they’re making, and I’m just the poor shlub down in the bowls of the boat, feeding coal into the fire. The fire is the internet and the coal is these words – we all know that Jason Momoa is set to bring Aquaman to the screen, and most of us are stoked about that. Since his days as Khal Drogo on ‘Game Of Thrones,’ I thought this dude had a great screen future in front of him. DC Entertainment thinks so too, and Warner Bros. has scheduled a solo flick just for him to surface in 2018. And we might know what characters are with him.

Eat this coal, internet, and wash it down with oceans of nerdery! Chase it with an assload of geeky squeals and raise that Loki scepter you made for Comic Con in triumph! Today is our day!

use this

There’s no script written and being 3 years away, just consider this development heaven. The undersea adventure is said to have Aquaman’s lady love and Queen of Atlantis in Mera, his wicked brother Orm, and these toothy crazies The Trench!


YESSSSSSSS! Monster movie alert! Monster movie alert! If all of this is true, we’re looking at a mouth-watering main course to showcase Aquaman’s third film foray, after ‘Batman v Superman,’ and ‘Justice League.’ And if sea monsters aren’t enough, our star would have to deal with the treachery of his baddie brother AND…my personal favorite from this list…


Speculation-y and rumor-y, because @AquamanShrine still hasn’t answered my tweet asking who gave them this info. But it’s all pretty sweet to think about. Any ideas for the casting of these characters? What kind of story are you betting on? Could we see the king of Atlantis dealing with Manta, then suffering a temporary alliance to combat the Trench threat? Could confidant Orm turn heel at the end, revealing himself as the orchestrator of the events that power the plot? Will the story Loki him out in that regard? How about Ruth Wilson as Mera? Or Chiwetel Ejiofor as Black Manta?


If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be jazzed about an Aquaman movie, I’d have immediately Melvin’d you in front of a bunch of high school cheerleaders.

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