I said it a million times – anyone who thought for one second that Grant Gustin was going to the ‘Justice League’ movie should have their head examined. He is not a bankable enough player in Hollywood for such a leap. The man is doing great on television and, for now, that’s where he’s gonna stay. In the meantime, Warner Bros. has announced their pick for the role of DC Comics’ red speedster, and that outcome surprised me more than if they’d said Gustin was taking it. I think “surprise” might be too strong a word. But I did raise an eyebrow. Let’s go on.

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Rocketing into theaters sometime in 2017 will be Ezra Miller’s depiction of the Flash in what reports reveal as being titled as ‘Justice League: Part 1.’ Curiously though, as with Jason Momoa’s part as Aquaman, he’s also slated to get his own solo film around 2018. So we’re not even talking about origin stories here, are we? If so, is that origin story coming after the JL debut? That would be ridiculous. Or is Warner Bros. taking a page out of Marvel’s ‘Book Of Screw It’ and bypassing origins altogether? Bravo, if that’s the case. I think I know all about Barry Allen’s live action beginnings thanks to the television show.


Or is Miller even playing Barry Allen? With that story being told in the home, could we be seeing a completely different character emerge in theaters? A move like that would be daring, ridiculous and cool all at the same time. Let’s not be so dumb as to consider Jay Garick’s film debut, or even some incarnation of Bart Allen. No, that would leave Wally West, my personal favorite version of the Flash, thanks to the ‘Justice League’ cartoons.

These live action DC projects make me wonder. On TV they really score, like with the casting choice for Martin Stein, and adding old school Flash to play Gustin’s father on the show. Bringing in familiar faces like that is inspired brainwork. The series project is full of forward thinkers who aim high within their power limits, while staying realistic in their expectations. But the films have me wondering just what idiot is in charge of these missteps. First they hired Ben Affleck to play Batman, which I’m over, but when announced that their reasoning for it was to have him “tower over Superman,” I wanted to punch my screen. When in God’s name has Batman EVER towered over Superman?? And why? And sure, I’d cast stick-figure Gal Gadot in a leading Hollywood role, but damn sure not as Wonder Woman. However, Jason Mamoa just might make Aquaman cool.


Which brings me to Mr. Miller.

Can’t say I disapprove of him taking the role, but it definitely is one of those instances where I’m like, “how’d they come up with him?” It’s just one of those things that doesn’t make sense to me. He was the best thing about ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower,’ and is far more marketable than Gustin. But somehow it just doesn’t make sense. It would somehow make sense if they’d cast B-lister Michael Rosenbaum, who has DC television roots and even voiced the Flash in cartoons. It would make 100 times better sense if my pick Ryan Gosling had been given the role. Miller might show up to the plate and be awesome. He’s a good actor and can be very funny – and my favorite rendition of Wally West is a humorous Wally West. It just really boggles my mind where these guys come up with their casting choices. That is all.

Look for the Flash in JL and in his own film waaaaaay down the road. Check out Ezra Miller in an action scene. It’s like ‘The Expendables,’ but in high school.

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