The pilot episode of Constantine has aired in a few places, and it’s been making the rounds on torrent sites for a couple of months now. You may even have seen it yourself. Even if you haven’t, you may be aware that the Doctor Fate helmet is fairly prominent Easter Egg in it, thus implying that more than just John Constantine and his cohorts might be appearing on small screens everywhere, a situation akin to how Arrow and The Flash are filled with references to other comics and characters. So is it possible that other occult characters from the DC Comics Universe like Swamp Thing, Zatanna or Deadman might encounter Matt Ryan‘s exorcist/con man? One of the executive producers says the answer is “yes.”

In an interview with Screen Rant, David S. Goyer was asked about the possibility of other DC Comics appearing on the show. We know that Jim Corrigan, the man that will become The Spectre, is already set to appear in the show’s first run of episodes, but Goyer says that he won’t rule out appearances from other characters from other DC Comics stories in the series future (if it’s lucky enough to have one).

“Yeah. I think you’ll see some of those…If the show takes off,” Goyer said. He added that in the first 12 episodes of the series, there will be “two or three characters from the broader DC universe” teased at during those episodes, but nothing solid. The future of future appearances will depend by and large on the success of Constantine.

Primary amongst potential crossover mates is Swamp Thing. The DCU’s own big green guy had his own comic book for years and initially followed the adventures of a scientist named Alex Olsen, who through a lab accident becomes a part-man/part-plant creature forced live in his boggy home apart from society. There have been a few different incarnations of Swamp Thing over the years, one of which was written in a popular run by Alan Moore who, during said run, created John Constantine in the pages of Swamp Thing. So what is the possibility that Swampy might pop up on Constantine?

“It’s been thrown around. It’s not something I think we’d attempt in the first season,” explained Goyer. “We need to make sure that we can pull off the special makeup effects. We don’t want to do a cheesy version of Swamp Thing. It’s a lot easier to do Dr. Occult or Zatanna or Jim Corrigan than it is to do Swamp Thing. So we’ll see.”

It’s worth pointing out that from 1990 to 1993 there was a live-action Swamp Thing TV series on the USA Network, and before that there was the live-action Swamp Thing movie directed by Wes Craven released in 1982. Of course, times have changed and audiences, especially comic book fan audiences, won’t settle for anything cheap looking, so the Constantine team will have to be pretty confident that their effects work is going to make Swamp Thing look awesome, not campy. In the meantime though, there is a Swamp Thing Easter Egg with Constantine when you call John Constantine’s number and you get the message, “Hello, you’ve reached John Constantine. And that’s John Constantine. If you’re looking for Alec Holland, try the bloody swamp.”

In one more piece of Constantine inter-connectivity news, Goyer says that there are currently no plans for his show to crossover with any other DC Comics-inspired show like Arrow or The Flash, but he didn’t rule it out either. Of course since the first two shows are on The CW and Constantine is on NBC, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a massive DCU get together on our TV screens any time soon.

Constantine premieres a week from Friday on NBC

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