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Spiderman fanatic Maisie Williams hasn’t been around the site much. Last time we talked about her, she was dissing the hell out of ‘Game Of Thrones’ book readers for being douchebags. It was one of my favorite stories, authored by a fantastic writer. It’s nice to see her return to these pages, even if it’s not GOT-oriented. Yes, it just so happens that the young actress has aspirations to do other things outside of medieval fantasy. For instance, how about a superhero television series? When being interviewed about her upcoming projects, including the gaming world’s ‘The Last Of Us,’ little Arya Stark mentioned being in talks for something more Hit-Girl than sword girl.

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In a video sit-down with Flicks And The City, Williams was asked about her first feature film ‘The Falling.’ At 17 years-old, she’s actually the most experienced person in the cast. But it’s full steam ahead in the youngling’s career. With a mammoth Twitter and Instagram following, her charisma and spunky fun are all kinds of infectious. See for yourself in the video below. But if you want to just zip straight to the video game and hero stuff, maybe fast-forward to the 10-minute mark.

She knows all about the “superhero” series and it obviously has a name – but she keeps a stiff lip about the details. Planned as an original graphic novel, this series she speaks of is still kind of a zygote. So, until it grows into anything, let’s just cool our heels. And as long as none of this other stuff gets in her way of playing in Thrones, I wish her the best. Do what you gotta do, kid. However, I feel her when it comes to her sucking at gaming. Here’s a painful video of her (and some other teens) struggling to negotiate their ways around the Nintendo 64 and talking mad shit about how ancient it is. Come on! It hasn’t been that long! Damn kids.

This one time around 2003, an intern at my job at NBC heard me talking about a mixtape I made for a girl once. He butts in with, “Yeah…weren’t they called…audio…cassette…tapes or something?” They are still called that, anus! It’s too early to not know that! Ugh…ow my hip…

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